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samedi 29 septembre 2012

Mise à jour Croc tales


Je n'avais pas fait passer la news. Chris nous a mis à jour le Croc Tales 7 donc pensez à supprimer la première version.

Posted: Wednesday, Jun 13, 2012 at 8:33 PM — Edited on 2012-06-13 20:34:15.0
Thanks for everyone's help finding all the little errors and omissions. I've now added them all into the original document, so the new Croc Tales download should be correct. If you have already downloaded the first draft, please download the new one and delete your old one! As an added incentive, there are even a few new pieces of art in there by Des Hanley!
I've also reworked the Sparta background, to clear up some of the confusion that was caused by the original draft. The new background presents their culture in a more direct manner, we hope you'll approve!


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Re : Fenryll - Champion Anubis


Dreadaxe avait écrit :
Même si la figurine est grande (50mm) elle peut faire une très belle pièce dans une armée d'Anubis (Prêtre, Hiérarques ou plus extrême un count as Favori de Sobek).


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Nouveaux boucliers pour les Mycéniens


Fimm Mc Cool's Games Orkshop - The court of Shah Kahan


Une armée de count as Haut Elfes pour Warhammer Battle, utilisant des figurines de Basti. En voilà une bonne idée.

The court of Shah Kahan

The next unit for my Egyptian High Elves is painted, hooray! These Cat People are the court of my General, Shah Kahan (front rank centre) and include his harem, entertainers, catering staff and personal bodyguard.

The figures are Wargods of Aegyptus Basti, and very pretty and fun to paint they are too! For gaming purposes these are White Lions of Chrace (Badum-tish!), I had toyed with painting them albino but wanted them to match in with the other units rather than stand out to conspicuously. My Cat Mage is white with snow-leopard spots and I'm thinking of painting the griffon of my elf hero as a snow leopard too, I like the idea of snow leopards in the desert! Ultimately my White Lions became more based on Sand Cats than anything else, but I have put white manes on some of the more senior figures as a nod to the GW white lions themselves.

Harem Guard



Personal Bodyguard

General Shah Kahan and his Harem

Here's a picture of the painted force so far, only Ellyrian Reavers, a unit of Spearmen, a high elf mage and the elf heo on griffon to go!

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Megalith Games - Demarchon

De quoi faire un Demi-Dieu.

The Demarchon is a leader in the City-State armies - a battle-hardened veteran with extensive strategic acumen and a strong spear arm.

Although the Demarchon has decent melee skills (especially considering the 2-inch range of his spears), his most effective role is not as a combat warlord; rather using the six abilities and tactics he possess for boosting troops of the warband.

When equipped with a large shield he is a tough nut to crack due to good defense and high armor, especially when using his ability to join the phalanx of a unit.

This means he can be in the thick of the battle supporting his units with orders.



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Bonjour à tous,
Juste une petit lien d'une boîte qui va sortir des figurines qui pourraient faire de bon proxies pour Olympus.

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Franarcilla - Cyclope


Sympathique le cyclope pour du scénario ou du Titan.
0025____ Gigante Stuperstar----NEW-------super STAR--36 euros


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