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vendredi 27 décembre 2013

RE: Archivage des Gods of War


Les Y!G permettent dorénavant de mettre de fichiers plus gros dans la section fichiers. J'ai archivé les numéros du célébre fanzine ici :

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Kickstarter - WarGods of Olympus - Helen of Troy


Une belle figurine. À priori comme confirmé dans les commentaires de ce lien, les gens qui avaient pris des Troyens sont tout bon et la distribution devrait avoir lieu après les vacances. Suivra la mise à jour des règles des Troyens et des Demi-Dieux.
Update #34 Dec 19, 2013

Helen of Troy

Seasons Greetings to all of our backers! 
We have an exciting update this time, the Helen of Troy sculpt is complete!  Sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick and based on concept art by Des Hanley, she is ready to be stolen away by the Trojans and start countless wars! 

Helen of Troy
Helen of Troy
Helen is the last of the 'bonus' minis that we added on to the Kickstarter, which means that all of the sculpting is now complete to start fulfilling the Trojan rewards!  This is a great step forward, and as soon as her and the last few Trojan molds are complete we can start producing warbands for all of our Trojan backers.  These rewards have a LOT of parts, so production is going to take a bit of time, but we are hoping to have it well underway in the first half of January.
While all this happens, the sculpting will continue, of course.  Chris is now working on the remaining Amazons, and Todd is completing the 'universal' Peltast models.  Watch for updates featuring these new minis in the new year!
Thanks to everyone for their patience with us.  Now that the 'exclusives' are all complete, we expect the sculpting for the remaining warriors & factions to go much more quickly... (warriors are a lot faster to sculpt than fancy ladies). 
Hoping you all have a great holiday!
Chris & Debs

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Warlord Games | Northstar - African Animal Set


Des bêtes de somme et autres.

African Animal Set

Spice up your African battlefields with Cape Buffalo, Wildebeest, Oryx, Kudu, Cheetahs and Crocodiles!
5 Kudo
1 Cape Buffalo
5 Wildebeast
5 Oryx
2 Cheetahs
2 Crocodiles

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Center Stage Miniatures - Chaos Giant


Une figurine pour faire du titan
Warped by dark energies, the Chaos Giant is a true monstrosity, half-humanoid and half-monster. Its two personalities are constantly at war with one another, and while one head may allow your dungeon party safe passage, the other head might have other ideas entirely....
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
Painted by Martin Jones.
Model stands 120mm from the integral base to the top of the spiked club. Can easily mount onto a 60mm base for display or gameplay purposes. Cast in high-quality gray resin.


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Green de l'Oracle de Delphi terminé


Une bien belle figurine. J'espère qu'Olympus comprendra des règles pour la jouer.

Posted: Monday, Nov 04, 2013 at 10:15 AM
And done! Oracle of Delphi sculpture.

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samedi 30 novembre 2013

Hellen de Troie et Hoplites génériques

Avancement d'Hellen de Troie. Chris nous dit qu'il y a eu pas mal de faux départ mais que ça suit son cours.

Posted: Monday, Nov 25, 2013 at 10:57 PM
I'm still struggling with Helen sculpture, she is proving to be one of the most troublesome figures I've worked on recently. (No surprise really, considering all the trouble she caused for Menalaus back in the day!) I've had a couple false starts on her, but the latest revision is starting to shape up. I'll be posting pics as soon as she nears completion, but that will be a while yet.
For those who are eager to see something new and 'green', check out this thread:
'Generic' Hoplite Tread (images page 2)
I just posted some pics of the 'generic' Hoplite I've been working on-and-off the last couple months. More bits for him are coming in the future!
Des Hoplites génériques modulable qui devraient arriver dans très longtemps. Ça suit son cours aussi.
Posted: Monday, Nov 25, 2013 at 10:33 PM — Edited on 2013-11-25 22:48:59.0
OK, so it seemed that there was great support for a customizable Hoplite for this project, so I went and put one together.
This guy is made mostly of bits & pieces from other past Hoplites, built on an old human armature that we had made up way back when for Mycenae. He's basically just a torso with legs and a shield arm - the head and weapon arm are separate pieces. Basically the same way we do the 'Front Rank Hoplites', but with a separate head.
You'll notice that there are a couple new shields in the picture too (bull and octopus) - these are the first 2 of a dozen or so shields that Todd and I made over the past year. I'll show off some more in a few days, the shields will be available in random assortments to make up mercenary units.
I'm going to try to put these together so that you get 3 head options, a couple weapon options, and a single shield (probably random).
The basic guy is done now, but it will be a while yet before he's totally ready - I still need to make another generic head and another weapon arm (maybe a sword). I'm just sneaking bits in on him between working on the rest of the Kickstarter minis (while their putty is drying...)
Here's what one looks like unassembled:
Here is one assembled:
Same body, different head, shield, and weapon.

From Olympus, with love


James a reçu ses Demi-Dieux, ils sont splendides.

These arrived the other day.  The latest from the War Gods line!  War Gods of Olympus!!Here is the raw set of minis.Hecate prepped!!  Fantsatic.Ares prepped.  Also amazing!!!!Hades prepped.  Truly spectacular!And then the Bronze Owl.  He will be lots of fun!I am making some nice bases for these figures, and I will post images of then as they are painted.  Mr. Fitzpatrick really outdid himself on this entire line, that's for sure.Great casting.  Very solid, easy to deal with.  No nasty mould line surprises, etc.

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lundi 25 novembre 2013

Privateer Press - Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers


Envoi Kickstater : Painter Rewards Shipping!


Copie du sujet pour ceux qui n'ont pas accès.

Painter Rewards Shipping!

1 comment
Greetings backers, we're back again with great news from the Croc HQ!  The Demigod miniatures have arrived, they look fantastic, and the Painter Rewards are shipping this week!
If you chose any of the "Painter" rewards (x1 through x8) and did not add any Add-Ons or substitutions, then we should be shipping your miniatures this week.  If you paid for Add-Ons or items other than the Demigods included, these rewards will be shipping a little later as we get the other molds completed and castings made. 
Debs is hard at work packing and shipping the Painter rewards, and we have photographic proof!
Debs gets the Painter Rewards ready for shipping! Debs gets the Painter Rewards ready for shipping!
As for the rest of the rewards, we are making great progress on the molds for the Trojans, which are next in line.  The last of the Trojan greens are at Majestic Moldmaking now, and we should be getting the master castings back for these in the next week.

 Click the link above to see more of the latest Trojan sculptures, including the Musician and the Swordsman!

Thanks to everyone for their patience with us so far, this is a huge assortment of miniatures, and we're doing our best to get all of these completed as soon as possible.
--Chris & Debs
Sculpting progress continues! While working on Helen of Troy, I've been finishing up the last of the Trojan poses, and there are 4 here to show off - Swordsman, Musician, Archer #3 and Archer Captain. These guys are making their first appearance here, but they are already at our moldmaker's for their master-mold now!
I'm still working on Helen, but she is coming along slower than I would like, as most of the last week was spent getting the Demigod miniatures out the door. I'll get pics of her up as soon as she feels she is looking presentable, but it will be a few days...
And now, more Trojans!
New Trojans
The musician pictured above also comes with a shield, but I did not have any handy when taking the photo.
New Trojans 2

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West Wind Productions - Scions of Woe


Projet journée WarGods juin 2014


Bonjour à tous,

J'aimerai faire une journée  WarGods "La Boîte de Pandore" en juin 2014 pour fêter la sortie du Kickstarter. En gros 3 parties voir plus avec les plus motivés. Le contexte étant la campagne mondiale 2011.
De mon côté, il faut que je trouve le temps de traduire, relire et mettre en page. Normalement je serais prêt si Chris FitzPatrick pense à m'envoyer ce qui ne se trouve pas en ligne. L'idée est de fêter l'arrivée d'Olympus et de faire un événement français WarGods annuel.
J'espère aussi que ça peut me motiver sur de la peinture. J'ai aussi possibilité de prêter une armée de Wendigo et je compte me monter et faire peindre une armée d'Atlantes jouée comme des Olympiens. L'idée serait de prendre des Elfes de chez Mantic avec leur look un peu extraterrestre qui ont l'avantage d'être pas cher et de rajouter pourquoi pas des golems mécaniques pour représenter des gardes d'élites...
Bref un bon projet !
Avant que je lance un doodle, est-ce que des gens seraient intéressés pour une telle journée en juin 2014 ?

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Rebel Minis - 28mm Spartan Box Set


6 ans plus tard là aussi.

--- Dans, Benoît Dumeaux a écrit :
> Bon ils sont pas terrible mais bon c'est toujours bon pouvoir aller piocher dans des proxies de
> temps en temps.

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Rebel Minis - King Leonidas of Sparta


6 ans plus tard...
Mise à jour du lien

King Leonidas of SpartaKing Leonidas of Sparta

Item# king-leonidas-of-sparta

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lundi 4 novembre 2013

North Star Military Figures - Nouveautés


Pas mal de choses !
The Egyptian Pharaoh in Chariot
The Egyptian Pharaoh in Chariot
The figures and horses are metal, the chariot is laser cut MDF. As well as being a Legend in Of Gods and Mortals, this set of figures, along with the Sea People Warriors, will be the launch of a new North Star 28mm Biblical range, designed by our Steve Saleh.

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Brother Vinni's - Misc Girls

Pour quelques courtisanes de plus.!/~/category/id=5965008&inview=product25324800&offset=0&sort=normal

Megalith Games - Halodynes Starter Deal


Un bien joli starter.
Part Code: [MG-0214]
  • 1x Demarchon
  • 1x Syntarch
  • 1x Cerberos
  • 1x Sanctum Priestess
  • 1x Sacred Familiar
  • 6x Hoplites
  • 10x Round Plastic Bases (30mm, 40mm, 50mm)
  • All necessary profile cards, tokens and items
  • 1x Dice Set
  • 1x World Map
  • 1x Poster
  • These metal miniatures consist of several parts, and come unassembled and unpainted.
  • The plastic bases are blank and not textured.
  • Some modeling is required
  • These models are not a toy and are not suitable for children under the age of 12.

NOTE: the articles will not be shipped in their original boxes and are instead shipped in a special starter deal box!

In addition to our six starter boxes that already provide a solid start into GODSLAYER®, we have designed a special bundle for each of the six factions. Those so called STARTER DEALS will immediately provide you with some add-ons that increase your gaming experience right from the start!

With the starter deals you will save some money, but on top you get a free GODSLAYER® dice set (containing 4xD6 and 2xD3), a large full color world map, and a poster with the GODSLAYER® rulebook box cover!

This Banebrood Starter Deal contains 1 Demarchon warlord, 1 Syntarch character, 1 Cerberos creature, 1 Sanctum Priestess spellcaster character, 1 Sacred Familiar spellcaster attachment and a unit of 6 Hoplites.

The enclosed miniatures represent a fully playable warband together with the Quick-Start rules.

With this Banebrood warband and the Quick-Start rules you are able to immediately start playing Godslayer® – the fantasy miniatures skirmish game set in a bronze age world of sword and sorcery.

Get your Starter Deal and start discovering the world of Godslayer®!

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Re : Fractured Dimensions - Infernal Minions of the Outer Planes — Kickstarter


--- Dans, Benoît Dumeaux a écrit :
> Ou ça, ça va faire un beau titan !

Quand même !!

Finished pics of the Great Beast

Well here it is...... I hope you guys like him.  I think Paul outdid himself on this one.  He Measures in at roughly 85mm to the top of his shoulders so I am guessing the total height with heads is going to be slightly over 90mm. He is literally huge.

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