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lundi 25 mars 2013

Indiegogo - Egyptian Harem Girl Miniatures 28mm


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Egyptian Harem Update

Yet  another sculpt for the Egyptian harem; Kev will be doing more of these ladies for the range.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Egyptian Harem

Mike has sent us pictures of the Egyptian Harem figures Kev has sculpted for him.

Here are some concepts/greens side by side, taken from the indiegogo campaign that has successfully funded.


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lundi 11 mars 2013

Shield Wolf miniatures - Death Deceivers


Pourquoi pas pour représenter des Cultistes de la Mort armes à deux mains.

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dimanche 3 mars 2013

Re : Indiegogo - Egyptian Harem Girl Miniatures 28mm


--- Dans, Dreadaxe a écrit :
> De mon point de vu c'est pas top mais bon. De quoi faire des Caravaniers Asar de Bast

CP3 a fait une photo de comparaison de taille.

I have plans to convert a couple of these into warriors.
Plus, the same day these arrived I also got my Croc order (new Abomination, sarcophagi, and fresh mummies!). Some WarGods painting is coming very soon...

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Partie Fantasy Warriors avec du Grecque


Sympathique les figurines utilisées.

NARAN FANTASY WARS - Platea - Akhei (Spartani e Tebani) - Centauri - Eroi Parnaso vs Orchi


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Crocodile Games - Icons & Artifacts Release


La toison d'or (en voilà un beau lot pour la rencontre WarGods), des icônes et des artefacts (miam la statuette d'Anubis), et les magnifiques boucliers mycéniens. Pas grand chose à se mettre sous la main mais quand même.

Icons & Artifacts Release
We are pleased to announce that 9 new Icons & Artifacts have been added to the Croc Store!
The Icons & Artifacts range is our collection of small odds and ends that are designed to enhance your miniature world. Here at Crocodile Games, we feel it is important for our battlefields to look interesting and 'lived-in'. We supply treasures, statues, idols, flags, banners armor racks, and more - items perfect to dress up your miniature's base, used as a battlefield objective, outfit your army's campsite, and add to a diorama. Over the years, we've slowly been adding dozens of cool items to our Icons & Artifacts store, and there are plenty to choose from! And they are not just for WarGods - the Icons & Artifacts range has proven very popular with miniature gamers everywhere - they are prefect for Pulp Games, historical Ancients, and traditional Fantasy. Role-Playing Gamers love them too!
Included in this Icons & Artifacts Release -
WGE-168c Anvil
WGE-805e Horus Statue
WGE-806b Anubi Sarcophagus
WGE-809e Pile of Bags
WGE-899d Skull Sarcophagus
WGO-108c Mycenaean Casualty
WGO-109b Mycenaean Armor Rack
WGO-120b Helmets
And at last... the legendary Golden Fleece!!!

Also, we've made all of the Mycenaean Tower Shields available individually as well:
Click here for the Shields store page.

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Khurasan Miniatures - Mojave Pilgrim (giant lizard)


De quoi représenter un gros char Sebeki, il manque juste les meneurs.

Neo-Fauna 2: The Mojave Pilgrim

One of the apex predators in the End Times is a giant lizard, called by those still rational enough to use names the Mojave Pilgrim. Apparently some form of mutant skink, this creature does not level off at a full adult size, it just keeps growing as it ages, consuming larger prey as it grows. Originating in the Mojave Desert, the Pilgrim eventually devours all creatures in its territory and must then wander East, leaving the desert to find new prey, hence its name. It is not uncommon to find Pilgrims migrating across the charred landscape as far as Zone 15, their great bulk providing a self-perpetuating heat source even in much colder climates.

Pilgrims appear to store the toxins coursing through the veins of their prey in glands in the base of their tails, and these monsters can spit a barrage of venom at prey for a distance as great as 20 meters.

This model represents a medium-sized Mojave Pilgrim, being approximately 16m (50 feet) long. It is all resin and in two parts -- the top of the head and the body, making for a very straightforward build. The model shown here was painted by Simon Bradley.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
END-600 Mojave Pilgrim (giant lizard) $16.99

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Indiegogo - Egyptian Harem Girl Miniatures 28mm


De mon point de vu c'est pas top mais bon. De quoi faire des Caravaniers Asar de Bast
Concept Drawing and Green Sculpture
Front View of the Egyptian Harem Girls
Rear View of the Egyptian Girls

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Re : BaneLegions - BNL-025 - Megálávra, Krokodar Slaughterer


Basicks - Desert