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dimanche 26 février 2017

Tabletop Art - Colonnes


Tabletop Art vend plusieurs types de colonnes antiques en 28mm : doriques, ioniques et corinthiennes.

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Re: Animaux Ral Partha Europe


Un exemple de peinture

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ral Partha Hippo and Crocodile

A couple of bits of fauna for the jungles of Tombogo - a hippo and a crocodile both from Ral Partha

Quick and dirty paint jobs.
They're quite nice models, the hippo nicer than the croc but they both seem on the small size - I expect they're 25mm rather than the 28mm of most of the Darkest Africa models I currently have.

But as they're only really intended for my frankly rather silly games of Adventures in Jimland I'm not terribly bothered. Especially as they were only just over a fiver for the pair.

---Dans, <> a écrit :

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Vultures Basing Kit – Hexy Shop


Sortie des Corinthiens et news


Les Corinthiens sont partis. Le PDF Corinthien est dispo pour les backers (pas encore eu le temps de l'étudier correctement), le PDF des pouvoirs des Demis-Dieux ont été mis à jour avec plein de nouveautés croustillantes. Enfin les vagues Gates of Troy et Amazon Attack sont en cours de réalisation et on espère tous que ça soit plus rapide.

Happy New Year to all of our Backers!
Good news today - at last, the Corinth molds are completed, the casting is done, and the Corinth miniature rewards are preparing to ship!  We still have some quality-checking and packing to do, but the wait is nearly over -- we'll be sending requests this weekend to all of our backers who are still waiting for their Corinth miniatures.  Once we confirm the shipping address, we'll be sending these out as soon as possible, with the first batch of them likely going out in about a week.
We also have the Corinth PDF ready, but as that is a Backers-only update I'll send the details for it in a separate post in just a few minutes.
Thanks so much to all of you for your patience with us - just about everything that we could imagine went wrong with this particular wave, from the original sculptor leaving the project, to us switching moldmakers halfway through, and finally production problems with some of the molds, but at last they are done.  The design on the next 2 waves is well underway (Gates of Troy and Amazon Attack), and we expect them to go MUCH faster.
If anyone would like to add extras, feel free to let us know - Paypal Pledging will remain open on these until we shipped the last of Corinth rewards to or Backers.
That's all for now, we hope you enjoy the Corinthians!
--Chris & Felicity (Debs) FitzPatrick


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Mindwork Games - Thoth 75mm scale


samedi 25 février 2017

Crocodile Games - Message: Demigod Powers playtest doc & suggested edits


Les règles des 100 pouvoirs des Demi-dieux olympiens. Le playtest et la relecture est actuellement uniquement pour les backers. Ça m'a l'air plutôt sympa et ça me donne envie.

This is the page for Kickstarter Backers to post comments on the Demigod Powers chapter.

PLEASE keep comments constructive, what we are looking for are spelling and formatting errors and rules contradictions. If you spot any of these, please post below and I'll review them and get any corrections updated on the master document.

I'll post a link here to download the actual PDF, but you will be required to log in to your Kickstarter account to access it. Please do not share the download link on any public forum, this is for Backers only. Backers who pledged late by Paypal will need to have an email sent directly to them, if you are a Paypal backer and did not get yours, send me an email at osiris at crocodilegames dot com and I'll get a link sent to you.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Update that contains the downloadable PDF:

Kickstarter Update #56



PS: A big thanks to Stuart Goodall and Craig Tannock for their help so far getting this document into the readable shape that it is in... THANKS, guys!

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Sygill Forge - Figurines Olympe