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dimanche 29 juillet 2018

L'Hydre disponible sur le store


Photos, vidéo, règles de l'hydre... C'est noël avant l'heure.

The Hydra, now available!

We are happy to announce that the Hydra is now in-stock and available for purchase!
The Hydra miniature was sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick, and measures roughly 5.5 inches long (or about 140mm). It is a multi-part resin kit, and contains 5 heads, 1 body, 2 legs, 1 tail, 1 resin scenic base, and 1 laser-cut wood gaming base. It was molded and cast by the experts at On the Lamb Games, and they did a great job capturing the serpentine detail of the original sculpt. The miniature is supplied unpainted, and require some assembly.
You can get yours now, in the Croc Online Store.
We also have a downloadable PDF of the Hydra rules for WarGods of Olympus, available HERE.
Hydra scale reference
The above photo shows the size of the Hydra next to a 28mm miniature.
Oh yeah, do you need a Golden Fleece for your Hydra to guard? We have one of those too!
The Golden Fleece
The Golden Fleece is also available HERE.


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Cyclopes disponibles


Bien beau, bien peint...

We are happy to announce that our Cyclopes are in-stock, and now available for purchase!
The Cyclopes miniatures were sculpted by Todd Harris, and the display models painted by Felicity FitzPatrick. Each model is a little over 3" tall, making them about 18 feet tall (if the were real - they are not, of course!). The head/neck joint of each Cyclops is the same, so you could put each head on either body. Also, each Cyclops has a separate bit hanging from his belt - one has a huge hammer and tongs, for helping Hephaestus at his forge, the other has a big jug of wine and the leg of a slow-moving farm animal... in other words, lunch! Each of these belt ornaments have a universal connection, and so they be swapped onto the other Cyclops if you like. So, collectors who like lots of variety can make 4 different Cyclopes by swapping their heads and gear around!
Each is a resin and pewter model supplied with a laser-cut wood base. The resin components were cast by our friends at "On the Lamb" games, and they did a super job capturing the detail and nuance of Todd's original sculpture. The miniatures are supplied unpainted, and require some assembly.

You can get yours now, in the Croc Online Store.

We also have a downloadable PDF of the Cyclops rules for WarGods of Olympus, available HERE.

The above photo shows how tall the Cyclopes are compared to a 28mm miniature. We think the unlucky Trojan may be in a spot of trouble!

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MIERCE MINIATURES - Atalantes Mesokolossos Monstrous Infantry Starter Host


Re: WarGods of Olympus Playtest book "2"


Maj du 1 juin
  • Cover
  • Warband Creation [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Phalanx Formation [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Peltasts [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Archers & Stingers [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • War Altar [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Mycenaeans [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Spartans [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Trojans [Kickstater preview]
  • Amazons [Kickstater preview]
  • Corinth [Kickstater preview Excerpt]
  • Demigods rules [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Olympus Demigod Powers [Kickstater preview - Playtest and edit copy]
  • King Agamemnon [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • King Tychedes [Croc Tales 7.5]
  • Monsters [Croc Tales 6]
  • Titan rules [Croc Tales 2]
  • Sea Scenarios [Kickstater preview]
  • Sea Subplots [Kickstater preview]

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News sur WarGods of Olympus


Quelques news. Figurines finales en cours d'envoi. Le livre avance avec quelques extraits des Intrigues Secondaire et des scénarios (on reconnait des scénarios de la Campagne Mondiale 2010 Quête de la Toison d'Or). Plus de 500 photos devraient arriver dans pas longtemps et les figurines vont être disponibles sur le webstore. Reste pas mal de travail sur le livre de règles mais il devrait sortir avant la fin de l'année.

Campaign chapter previews

Greetings from the Croc HQ! 
We're back with another progress update, this time featuring some larger previews the Campaign chapter.
Miniature rewards have shipped!
As of now, we've largely finished shipping the miniature rewards.  If you have not received yours, or have not heard from us about them, please get in touch.  We're not perfect, but if we missed you for some reason, just let us know and we'll fix it as soon as possible.  There were a few backers that we have not heard back from yet regarding their shipping addresses, and if this is you we'd like to get these minis in the mail to you without further delay!
As most of you know, most of the Kickstarter minis have not yet made it into our webstore -- we've been focusing on getting everything to our backers first.  But, we get a lot of emails from customers who missed the Kickstarter asking when we're going to make them available.  So over the next few months, we'll be beginning to release them to the general public.  This is likely to take the better part of a year to get them all out, just due to the large number of minis that we were able to get produced.  However, if any of our Kickstarter backers need minis before the release, you are welcome to email us -- we have a small supply left in the bins for our backers who need 'reinforcements', even if they are not yet in the store.  You guys are our top priority!
Remaining Rewards
So what is left for us to finish?  We are now down to just the "Painted Warband" rewards and the printed book. On the painting front, we're currently putting the finishing touches on all of the Painted Rewards, totaling well-over 600 photo-quality miniatures.  As you can probably imagine, these have been a gigantic job, and one that has devoured a huge amount of sheer man-hours to complete.  But we are almost there!  We expect these will all be done within the next month.  We're only just starting to photograph them all, but starting with the next update we'll be showing off some of the 'official' paint schemes for everyone to see. 
As for the book, it is getting closer to completion with every week.  We know everyone is eager to see more inside, so we've made a couple preview PDFs from the Campaigns chapter to show.
You'll notice that these are titled "Sea Scenarios" and "Sea Subplots" - what does that mean?  The Olympus campaign chapter is a little different than the Aegyptus campaign - we couldn't just do the same thing, could we?  The Olympus campaign plays more like a quest than a war, with warbands traveling around the land of Hellas, competing for Clues that will unlock the final battle.  Battles can take place in three different realms (each with their own 10 Scenarios and Subplots), and they are the Land, Sea, and the Underworld.  Land Scenarios and Subplots take place on the mainland of Hellas, close to human civilization.  Sea Scenarios are on remote islands and distant shores, and have the feel of the Odyssey with a bit of Ray Harryhousen-style adventure mixed in.  And last, Underworld Scenarios take place in the land of the dead, and so you can expect them to get a little... creepy! 
Obviously, we don't want to spoil everything, but here are the compete sections for the Sea Scenarios and Subplots.  Please note, final editing has not yet been finished, so there may be some mistakes inside, and a couple of the graphics are not completed.  Also, the exact page-count of the book is still not finalized, so page references in the rules text will simply say "See page XXX".  These will all have the correct page numbers added in, but that is literally one of the last things we do before sending the files to the printer. 
Campaign Previews Download here:
That's all for now - we've got a layout and editing to do, plus a thousand other things we've missed, so we're heading back to work.  We hope you like this preview!
-Chris & Felicity (Debs) FitzPatrick

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Sphinx chez Infinity-Engine


Embellir vos tables !!

Anubus Sphinx

Anubus Sphinx
Anubis will judge you, Anubis will weigh your heart against your sins, just hope your not alive when he takes it!

Horus Sphinx

Horus Sphinx 
The riddle of this Sphinx is terror, it has the body of a lion and the hawk head of the Egyptian God Horus. Made up of three parts, body, head and leg.

Spawn of the Beast

Spawn of the Beast
Spawn of the Beast for Cthulhu Roleplaying and Wargames

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