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mercredi 9 mai 2012

Raging Heroes - Vestales de Sang


Raging Heroes - Asharah Héroïque (28mm) - Édition Anniversaire

Je n'y avais jamais pensé mais Asharah  de chez Raging peut faire une très belle Sorcière des Glaces ou une Frost Maiden !

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Hasslefree Miniatures - Artemis (HFH036)

Une version plus petite bien jolie aussi !!

HFH036 Artemis
28mm version of our nekkid (oh, cover my eyes!) Hoplite female this time with sword raised as if sending troops into battle, mouth open as she yells a loud warcry.

Creator: Kev White

Weight: 9.1 grams

La version holite de Clarke

Hasslefree Hoplite Chick and Primed WF Amazons

Since I got the box of Wargames Factory  Amazon Hoplites I decided it was time to finally finish off the Hasslefree Holite girl I've had partially painted for over a year.

And here she is with her sister Hoplites...

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Hasslefree Miniatures - HF4002 Artemis

Je remonte à nouveau le sujet car les liens sont morts.
Même si la figurine doit être un peu haute, sa beauté fait oublier le reste.

HF4002 Artemis

A white metal version of our lovely hoplite female. This figure comes as four parts plus a resin base....left leg, shield, scabbard and torso with all the other necessary bits attached.

Creator: Kev White
Weight: 18.09 grams

--- Dans, En 2008 j'avais écrit :
> Je remonte le sujet. 40mm de pur bonheur. Voilà...
> * le modèle métal
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> * le modèle résine
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dimanche 6 mai 2012

BaneLegions - BNB-026 – Kadámastar, Ancient Devourer

Benoît Cosse signe une beau crocodile qui pourra représenter plein de choses dans une armée de Sebeki.

BNB-026 – Kadámastar, Ancient Devourer

de Rob Lane

As you should all know by now, the first Friday of each month is BaneBeasts day, and as you should all know by now we have a superb one for you. When do we not?!
Conceptualiserised by the sublime talents of Christophe Madura and sculpted up real good by the amazing Benoît Cosse – who, it seems, can turn his hand to just about anything we give him – Kadámastar is quite fantastic, we think, imbued with a sense of movement perhaps unequalled in our miniatures so far. You can almost feel those jaws biting you in half!
Kadámastar has brutalised the Atalantes for centuries, just as they had brutalised his kin for millennia, but now he brutalises all that stand before him. The legend of the ancient devourer that lurks in the morass has grown from the first attempts of the Atalantes to claw territory back from the wetlands of Atalantia as the sea took it from them to his terrifying, lumbering presence upon the battlefields of Europa, where he breaks shieldwalls apart without thought and devours his enemies whole. The pitted, crusted skin-armour upon his body is impervious to all but the most brutal weapons and the strongest arms, and the crushing force of his jaws and the lash of his spiked tail is feared even by the most terrible of beasts and other foul creatures employed by the enemies of the Khthones. For with Ophius he stands: his desire, like the Gorgon Lord and the Krokodars – his kin, warped by the Atalantes into slaves – is to destroy the Atalantes for their sins and to find lands of their own to survive, lands they must take by force from the humans, for Atalantia is surely finished.

Kadámastar is available to pre-order right now from the Maelstrom Games webstore and his official release date is the 2nd of June.

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Pions d'Ordre Spartiates et les Mycéniens

Des nouvelles planches de Pions d'Ordre pour les Spartiates et les Mycéniens réalisés par Wyatt the Odd. Je peux faire une demande pour avoir en VF.

Hey Gang,
We are pleased to announce two new sets of Command Counters for WarGods -- for the Mycenae and Sparta warbands.
Graphic Design was done by our very own forum member "Wyatt the Odd". Thanks Wyatt, they look awesome! Watch for a few more to appear in the near future!
You can download your Command Counters HERE.
Counter Teaser

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Wyrd Miniature - Graveyard - Base Accessories


Mordante's Projects

J'avais déjà vu passé des photos de cette armée wendigo capable de sortir à Warhammer en armée d'homme-bête. Pas mal de bonne idée de la part de Mordante : la Manticore Raging Heroes qui a effectivement une tête de wendigo, la conversion à partir d'un orc Reaper du maître de chasse, un stygian de chronopia (pour représenter un S'syth) dans une escorte de Typhon, des cultistes de la mort à partir de figurine Warmachine (?)...

I've been wanting to start a log of my next big project that I'm just now starting, so I thought no better place to do it than on the forum for my favorite Warhammer podcast.  Before I start the log of the new project, since I don't have any photos yet, I thought I'd dump a few older photos of other armies and minis that I've done in the past few years as a place holder, and to get some people interested in following the project.  So, here we go:

First, my Cult of the Ice Dragon, which is my Beastman army, as well as my Wendigo warband for Wargods.

And my Typhon and Sebeki warband for Wargods of Aegyptus.  They've now been expanded and split into a pure sebeki band and a typhon/nehkaru warband, but I don't have teh expansions all painted yet.  Sorry, these are not the best photos.

First more beasty goodness.  Will probably use as a jabberslythe or as an actual Manticore in some future Warriors army.

OK, on to Wargods of Aegyptus.  I finally painted all my Nehkaru models, that I use in my typhon warband, and also use in my evil high elf army as archers. (I use the typhon spearmen as my evil high elf spearmen).

Torturer and Flash Hulk (obviously not the Wargods model, it works for the purpose though)


Witch and his coven

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Re : Wargames Factory - Amazon


J'en avait parlé en novembre 2010.
CBP3 nous propose une petite review et comparaison de taille de ces hoplites amazones

My Colbert-like reaction when they arrived-

Lots of plastic bits goodness inside the box!

The first two Amazon Hoplites assembled and ready for paint!

Size comparison with a Crocodile Games Asar Archer.

Size comparison with a Crocodile Games Satyr.

I'm pretty stoked to get them together and painted so that I can have some female spearmen for Ægyptus and/or some female hoplites for Olympus
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Si's Soldiers - Greeks


Slotkarman nous propose la peinture de quelques pièces pour Olympus : du Tales of war, du Crocodile, du Shadowforge.

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