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samedi 5 juin 2010

Crocodile Games Forum - À propos des scénarios de mai...

Chris Fitzpatrick nous rassure sur le fait que tous les scénarios de mai ne sont pas obligatoire à faire
Hey Everyone,

We've had a couple questions about all the Scenarios for May, whether players are supposed to play all of them, in order, etc.

We've written a lot more than is normal or necessary for the month. Our idea is that players can pick and choose the Scenarios they like, or can easily run with the models in their collection. If you play 2 or 3 of the 7 'Lost at Sea' Scenarios, you are doing fine. As Clarke said in a previous post, what we are trying to simulate is different warbands having lots of different adventures as they are blown about at sea. So don't stress if you feel like you've fallen behind! June will bring a different sort of Scenario, and you definitely don't need to play all of May's Scenarios to move on.

Hope this helps clear things up!
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