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vendredi 28 décembre 2018

[Kickstarter] WarGods Christmas Update!


Le cadeau de Noël de Chris... La version bêta des chapitres 3, 4, 5 et 6. Avec ce qu'on avait déjà on se retrouve avec quelque chose d'assez complet. Il y a des illustration très bonnes notamment le chevaucheur de pégase. 
Je ne mettrai pas les liens puisque c'est un cadeau pour les backers. Ceci étant Chris appelle les gens à une relecture intensive donc je peux faire passer aux bonnes volontés.

Merry Christmas from the Crocs!

We hope everyone is having a super holiday with family and friends! Are your presents all unwrapped?  If so, grab a glass of eggnog, serve up a slice of fruitcake, and then scroll down to unwrap one more present from Santa Croc!

Olympus 'beta' rules
Ready for download is the 'beta' version of the complete warband construction rules for the game - the complete chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6!  This is 164 pages, containing ALL the units, characters, factions, and powers in the game.

Please note, while the text in this document is generally finalized, any text that appears in red has been marked for correction. These sections are small "fluff" stories that will be added to fill leftover space - they are written to fill the hole on the page, so they are always the last thing to go in. Also marked in red are page references (for instance, see page XXX). These will be corrected right before printing, as it is possible that the page order at this point may still change slightly. Also there are 3 blank pages, one at the end of each chapter -- don't fret about these, they'll be 'summary' pages that have compiled profiles of all of the units in the preceding chapter. Like the above, we do these at the end so that the profiles don't get mixed up..

You can download the beta rules here:

Remaining chapters

Not included in the PDF are chapters 1 (introduction), 2 (core rules), 7 (campaign play), and 8 (setting). These sections all need a little more layout work to make presentable (though they are nearly there), so rather than delay things further we'll be posting them on January 15.  This gives our backers 3 weeks to digest this section, while we finish off all the remaining bits in the rest. The rules chapter is essentially the same as the Aegyptus rules, so if you need to reference anything right now, you can look it up in the Aegyptus PDF, available here:

Editorial Help

Players are welcome to let us know if you find any spelling/grammar mistakes, or rules inconsistencies. Just reply in the comments section of this Update - please be specific as to the page number and error location, and we'll get it fixed!

Finally, a HUGE thanks goes out to Barry Lee, Craig Tannock, and Kevin Kim for all of their help getting this text into presentable shape!  You guys are the best!

We hope everyone enjoys the rules, and has a fantastic holiday!

-Chris & Felicity FitzPatrick, Crocodile Games


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dimanche 23 décembre 2018

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