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dimanche 23 mai 2010

Lot figurines Khemru pour le jeu Wargods of Aegyptus en vente sur (fin le 24-mai-10 23:35:52 Paris)


[Proxy] Das Schwarze Auge - 17049 - Lion

La gamme Creatures (17000) de l'Oil Noir. FanPro a revendu à Ral Parha Europe les stocks il me semble. Bref encore un lion de plus ;)

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WarGods of Aegyptus à la Team Bouse

Triz repiqué ;) Après pour Hyperborea et Olympus c'est pas tout à fait vrai ce qu'il dit. On espère que ça prendra aussi là bas.

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Nouveau sondage : Traduction - Disordered


Votez dès aujourd'hui ! Un nouveau sondage a été créé pour le groupe WarGods_fr :

Traduction - Disordered

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mardi 18 mai 2010

Reaper Miniatures - 14589 - Yeti Chieftain

Jason Weibe resigne... À mon avis moins intéressant que le Yeti warrior classique.

14589 > Yeti Chieftain

14589: Yeti Chieftain ($12.99)
Jason Wiebe

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Nouveau sondage : Traduction - Warp Around


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Traduction - Warp Around

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Crocodile Games Forum - Un Khemru Starter Set ?

Ça serait pas mal du tout... même si un stater Asar Anubis est aussi envisageable.
Osiris @ May 13 2010, 07:08 PM
Wyatt the Odd @ May 13 2010, 06:33 PM
A Khemru starter set could be ready to go if they brought back the KH-202 Harbinger

Sure, I'd want the guy by himself, but why should I let that stop Croc from spontaneously adding to their available merchandise?


Good idea Wyatt, I'll look into it.
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Nouveau sondage : Traduction - Flesh-Hulk

Votez dès aujourd'hui ! Un nouveau sondage a été créé pour le groupe WarGods_fr :

Traduction - Flesh-Hulk (la créature qui accompagne de le Nekharu Torturer/Tourmenteur Nekharu

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Crocodile Games - Warband Mega Deal

Des mega deals comprenant en gros un deal plus une unité sont disponible pour un temps limité et permette de commencer WarGods dans de bonnes conditions. L'image de pub est sympa car elle montre des illu que je ne n'avais encore jamais vu.

NEWS: Get Started with a Warband Mega Deal!
- Posted by Osiris
- Friday, May 14, 2010

Thinking about getting into WarGods but don't know where to start? Not sure which allies you should be taking? Look no further!

Crocodile Games has made it even easier for you with the introduction of our Warband Mega Deals. These deals are designed with the new player in mind – a simple starting point for you to build your force.

Each Mega deal comes with a copy of the WarGods of Ægyptus Softcover rulebook, a warband starter set and an additional unit and character. All of them have a savings of at least $29.80 and upwards, now is a great time to get started!

Choose from the following deals:

WGE-901M Basti Mega Deal $115
WGE-902M Asar Mega Deal $115
WGE-903M Undead Mega Deal $125
WGE-905M Heru Mega Deal $115
WGE-906M Sebeki Mega Deal $145
WGE-907M Warhawks Mega Deal $125
WGE-908M Tethru Mega Deal $130
WGE-909M Typhon Mega Deal $125

These Mega Deals are only available on the Croc Online Store and for a limited time only.

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[Proxy] Kingdom Death - White Lion

Une sculpture 3D pour à nouveau une proxy pour le Maître des Bêtes et l'animal de compagnie des Hiérarques de Bast.
Huge terrifying lions with a strange human curiosity and human hands. Their white fur shines with flecks of gold when the sunlight hits them directly, a strange contrast to their bloated and sad faces. They are a dominant predator in the holy lands and have become a symbol of inspiration and beauty for the entity that resides over all. Occasionally they are trained and kept as partners by Man-Hunters.
Concept by Caitlin Hackett and realized in 3D by Stephanie Alison Everett. We are extremely proud to add the White Lion and his subtle disturbing qualities to the Kingdom Death range.
Package includes:
  • 1 Holy Lion Resin Miniature
  • 1 25mm x 50mm Kingdom Death mini platform base
  • 1 6″x4″ Art Card

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[Campagne Mondiale 2010] Scénario #3 de Mai

Un scénario avec des sirènes... que demander de plus !!
Siren Song

By Barry Cadwgan

Your ship has carried you close to the Island of the Sirens: the deadly bird-women whose song lures hapless sailors or their death. There are rumors that the island holds many maps and scrolls, lying amidst the corpses of those shipwrecked by the siren's song. These scrolls may contain vital clues to the location of the Golden Fleece. With luck, the scroll describing the fate of the Golden Fleece that was missing from the Great Library may be there!

Travelers' tales have warned you and your crew of the dangers of the Sirens song, so beautiful that travelers and shipwrecked mariners can do naught but sit, captivated until they crash upon the rocks and die. Despite the risk, you must search the island. Your leader orders all his followers to plug their ears with wax to resist the Siren song, and hope that it is enough.

Game Set-up:
The battlefield represents one end of the island of the Sirens. For scenery, it could be green and verdant or a blasted heath. There should be some scattered outcroppings of rock, strew with bits of wrecked ships. The Sirens are not actually depicted on the board -- they are just off the table's edge, perched upon a rocky outcrop and watching the battle below.

Place six poker chips or similar markers within 6" of the table centerline (center of short edge to center of short edge). No marker should be within 8" of any other marker. These represent the mortal remains of a traveler drawn in by the sirens.

1. Roll off to determine who picks long table edge.
2. Deployment zone is within 8" of your long table edge. You may set up in any formation.
3. Roll off to determine who places the first unit then alternate units. The Harbinger with the higher command rating adds +1 to this roll.
4. Characters attached to units are deployed with the unit. Chariots are considered units. All independent characters are considered to be a single unit and deployed simultaneously, however they do not need to be deployed in a group. They can be deployed anywhere in the deployment zone.

The island is a dangerous and unpredictable place. Roll on the chart below for the random effects on the island:

1-2 Unseasonable Weather: The temperature it stiflingly hot, making exertions difficult. All models are at -1 to their Defend Rating for the game.
3-4 Rainstorm: The island is subject to a heavy rain squall. At the start of each Turn, roll to determine visibility (10 +1D10 inches.) The storm will end immediately if a 10 rolled more than once. A Favorable Gale and a successful Arcane Save from the caster will quell the storm for a Turn.
5-6 Vengeful Spirits: Choose a piece of terrain in the center of the battlefield, next to one of the counters. Any unit within 6" at end of activation must make Rout Save, or flee.
7-8 Treasure Trove: Place a treasure marker in the very center of the table, in line with the casualty markers (3 should be placed to one side of the treasure, 3 to the other side, each 6" from the next.) Any unit or character that is not Fearless within 6" and line-of-sight of the marker at the start of their Activation must make a Discipline Save. Failure means they must move at Advance speed towards the treasure, stopping when they reach it. -1 Disc if Infamous, -2 Disc if To-Tanem.
9-10 Defiled Land: Even the gods have forsaken this cursed island. When any Harbinger power that requires spending a Ka Point or any Spell is cast/activated, roll 1D10. On an even roll, the spell/power works as normal. On an odd roll, the power fails, but Ka or spell points are not lost. This roll may not be rerolled by Defy Fate, and may not be attempted again until the following Turn.

Special Rules

Siren Song
Your leader (Harbinger/Demigod/Overlord/Ice Witch) has ordered that all their followers must plug their ears with wax to protect them from the song of the Sirens. Even the forces of the Eater are not immune, the song causes strange resonances in their empty skulls that paralyze them if unprotected.

The following restrictions apply:
1) As your warriors cannot hear properly, your leader's Command Value is halved (round up). Note : This will limit the number of units that can be issued orders each Turn. Remember, that your warband's leader can issue an order to himself, in addition to as many units as his Command Value.
2) Musicians have no effect in this battle as your warriors cannot hear them.
3) Beasts and other Animals are at -2 Discipline Rating, as they cannot hear their handler and are very uncomfortable and unhappy with the wax in their ears.
4) Howlers are subject to a -2 on the Discipline Test to cause their target to rout as their piercing howl is dimmed (this is in addition to the -2 Discipline penalty).

Gathering Clues
Each of the 6 markers placed on the table represents the remains of a lost traveler, drawn to his doom by the Siren's song. Only a character or unit (not monster or beast) can investigate the remains, by playing a Hold Command Counter while in base-contact with the remains, and not in melee combat. Once they have done so, they have found whatever records the traveler had. If enough information is found, it may give clues to the location of the Golden Fleece (see Special Rewards and Penalties below). A character can carry one marker at a time. A unit can carry any number of markers. Markers can be transferred between characters or units in the end phase if they are touching. If a character or unit is killed or routs, they drop any markers they carry. A character cannot fly while carrying a marker.

The side with the most markers at the end of the 10th Turn is the victor.

Renown Gains
Standard Renown is awarded for this battle.
+1 Renown if your warband gained more than 1 clue.

Special Rewards and Penalties
Each side gains clues according to the table below:
1-3 markers = 1 clue
4-5 markers = 2 clues
6 markers = 3 clues

Reporting Requirements:
When submitting the report for this scenario, include the number of Clues found for each warband. These will be retained throughout the course of the campaign.

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vendredi 14 mai 2010

[Proxy] Reaper Miniatures - 14582 - Yeti Warrior

Jason Weibe nous propose une figurine très très bien pour une armée de Wendigo. Il peut faire un bon Chef de Tribu même si son équipement est succinct. On peut aussi en faire un Chaman invocateur de Grande Bête des Neiges pourquoi pas... Style j'appelle mon grand frère. Bref figurine sympathique.
14582: Yeti Warrior ($10.99)
Jason Wiebe

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[Campagne Mondiale 2010] Scénario #2 for Mai 2010

Le nouveau scénario pour le mois de mai. Ile, bateau... que du bon. 

Scuttle Their Ships!

By Clarke Payne

As you and your crew were searching this island for supplies, you witnessed another warband's ships come ashore. You recognize them as another seeker of the Golden Fleece. They have not yet spotted your forces - this could be your chance to gain the advantage! If your warband can destroy their ships and escape, you will have many day's head-start on your opponents. Now, while they are disembarking and unprepared for the attack - charge!

Game Set-up:
The game table should be 4x6, and represents a small island. One of the long table sides should be marked with the shoreline roughly 8" from the edge. A minimal amount of terrain features should be placed on the beach (about 20" in from the shoreline), preferably palm trees and occasional bushes and rocky outcroppings.

The Defender is the Warband with the most Clues, if both warbands have the same number of clues, it is the warband with the highest point value. The Defender has three 3x5" boats deployed partly in the water at least 8" apart. All of the units in the Defender's warband deploy within to 6" from the boats. All units start out in Disorder, facing their boats, and chariot passengers are not in their chariot.

The Attacker's warband deploys on the opposite long-side of the table, within 12" from his table edge. No model in the attackers warband should start within 30" of the defender's models.

Special Rules:

The Ships
Each ship has a Structure Rating of 6 and 5 Wound Points. (See page 74 of the WarGods of Aegyptus Rulebook for the complete rules for Structures.) Structure rules summary: A model in base contact with a ship at the end of its Activation may attack it. The attack is considered a melee attack, but each Melee Test will automatically hit. The opposing player then makes a Structural Save using the ships Structure Rating (SR: 6). Any failed Saves cause a Wound to the ship. When a ship is reduced to 0 Wounds it is considered scuttled (destroyed) and appropriate debris counters can be placed (if available). The area where the ship was thereafter considered rough ground for Movement.

The objective is to destroy as many of the defender's ships by the end of turn 10. The Defender must attempt to save as many of his ships as possible.

Use a randomly determined Subplot.

Renown Rewards:
+2 Renown for the attacker, for each ship destroyed
+2 Renown for the Defender, for each ship that is not destroyed
Standard Renown is also awarded.

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[Campagne Mondiale 2010] New Player signup!

Pyremius propose que les nouveaux arrivants dans la campagne revivent
les scénarios des mois précédents avant d'affronter les joueurs vétéran
de la campagne.

pyremius @ May 14 2010, 12:31 AM
This year's campaign focuses on the epic quest to find the lost Golden Fleece. Accordingly, many of the scenarios have been custom-written to reflect the adventures and dangers faced, and are meant to be played only a single time by any given warband.

New players are encouraged to participate in all of the custom scenarios, in the order presented. If one of your local opponents has not played that particular scenario they may "back up" and play it against the new warband. In cases where all warbands have already played the scenarios from a previous month, one of the players may create a one-off warband specifically to allow the new player to catch up.

Once the new player is caught up on previous months' scenarios, they may only play against the active warbands, as normal.

For example, Players starting in the month of May are allowed to "catch up" on scenarios presented for April. Once both scenarios have been played, they may only play the May scenarios against current warbands.

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Re : Re : Sebeki Crypt Lord finished green pics! - Crocodile Games Forum


[Proxy] Privater Press - Wrongeye & Snapjaw

De la même façon que les Gatormen ces 2 figurines PP peuvent être réutilisé pour WarGods. Wrongeye fait un parfait Maître des Mots ou Prêtre. Snapjaw peut faire un Sebeki classique ou bien un petit Favori.

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Re : Règles optionnelles pour les Anubi

--- Mirdhynn a écrit :
Suite à un débat sur les amulettes d'Anubi qui ne servent que contre les mangeurs de morts sur le Forum Croco, je me suis dit que l'ont pourrait aussi étendre ce débat à l'embaumeur.

En effet le spécialiste anubi est trop spécialisé à mon gout. On ne le sort que lorsque l'on va faire une partie contre les mangeurs de mort. Pour le rendre interessant contre les autres races, je pensais rendre les scara-bombes efficaces contre les autres races aussi serait interessant. Il n'y a pas de raison qu'un truc qui explose ne cause pas de dégâts non plus aux vivants.

Sur le forum, les fanboyz ont défendu l'Embaumeur en mettant en avant son coût intéressant. C'est effectivement le cas maintenant je suis d'accord avec toi Mirdhynn, une utilisation de ses objets contre les non-morts serait bien aussi.

Ma proposition :
* Scarab Bombes contre les personnage Svg. d'Armure autorisée et contre les unités Modificateur de Dommage 0 contre les vivants.
* Dague d'Embaumeur. Modificateur de Dommage 0 contre les vivants.


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lundi 10 mai 2010

Crocodile Games Forum - WarGods Mercenaries

Très bon ça... des personnages mercenaires... Comme je le comprends ce ne sera pas des unités... bien dommage. M'enfin peut-être que les personnages mercenaires ne sont qu'une première étape. Vivement la suite donc.
De même on est rassuré pour le Warband Book des Wendigo qui est bientôt finalisé et prêt à partir chez l'imprimeur !!

Osiris @ May 10 2010, 07:47 AM
The mercenaries are famous characters from around the Antediluvian World, which will be usable by most warbands (with the exception of the 'monster' warbands, like undead, Titans, and Wendigo.)

We'll be posting some more specifics on them in the next couple weeks. They are not getting their own book, they'll be covered in Croc Tales #7.

The Wendigo book was not intentionally take off the release schedule. It was a part of the Wendigo wave 3 story, and it disappeared when I archived the old story. Sorry about that! We're wrapping up the final pre-press graphics, and will be sending it to the printer as soon as possible.

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Boule de cristal

Mise à jour du calendrier des sorties
Les nouveautés passent à tous les 2 mois.

Juillet > Escorte de Seth - ok
Septembre > Demi-Dieux Olympus + "WarGods Mercenaries (details coming soon)"
très mystérieux ?
Novembre > Mycènes - ok

Warband of Set
- Release Date: Thursday, July 01, 2010

WGE-220 Harbinger of Set, Aspect of the Hunter $19.95
WGE-328 Typhon Swordsmen Unit (10) $35.95

Mercenaries & Olympus
- Release Date: Wednesday, September 01, 2010

WarGods Mercenaries (details coming soon)

WGO-107 Alcibiades, Athenian Turncoat $8.95
WGO-202 Demigod of Zeus $11.95
WGO-203 Demigod of Apollo $11.95
WGO-204 Demigod of Hades $11.95
WGO-205 Demigoddess of Artemis $11.95

- Release Date: Monday, November 01, 2010

WGO-108 Mycenaean Hero & Casualty $8.95
WGO-109 Mycenaean Captain & Armor Rack $8.95
WGO-110 Mycenaean Titan Hunter 1 $11.95
WGO-303 Mycenaean Phalanx (12) $39.95
WGO-902 Mycenaean Warband Starter Set $74.95
(Contains 1 Mycenaean Phalanx 12 Hoplites, Herald, Musician, 2 Honor Guards,
and a Limited Edition "Agamemnon, King of Mycenae".)

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Re : Campagne Mondiale 2010

--- J'ai écrit le Dimanche 28. Mars 2010 à 0:52:
> Le document de campagne mondiale 2010 est disponible. Le contexte
> est la quête de la toison d'or et utilise une version à jour du
> système de campagne 2008 et 2009. Si je trouve le temps je
> traduirais le contexte comme l'an dernier.

Voilà un début de boulot ici

Le reste est traduit reste une relecture pour vérifier qu'il n'y a pas de changement avec la version 2010 mais aussi épurer pour que ça soit simple à comprendre. Il y a de forte chance qu'un v3 sorte chez nos amis anglais donc je tiendrais bien en compte tout ça.

Je vous invite à enregistrer vos escortes auprès de la Campaign Team et à commencer les scénarios. Les primes pour faire des photos, des rapports de batailles, inventé des scénarios sont une superbe idée il faut en profiter !!

J'ajouterais les 2 scénarios d'Avril (La porte et la bibliothèque) dans leur version finale. Je suis sur la traduction du premier scénario de Mai (avec les cyclopes).

Je risque d'avoir moins de temps en juin et juillet. J'espère que quelqu'un pourra reprendre le flambeau.

Il serait pas mal de pouvoir organiser un Événement de Campagne dans le cadre d'une rencontre avant la finale de la GenCon... mais bon.


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Facebook - Photos WarGods Campaign Night - May 6, 2010


Re : Tactica Basti

--- Dans, Mirdhynn a écrit :


Je suis en train d'essayer de mettre en route Wargods dans mon club, et on a bien remarqué la différence de puissance des hiérarques pour un même cout en points.
Pour l'instant, je suis parti pour appliquer les couts des hiérarques modifiés :

Anubi 112
Asar 96
Basti 96
Heru 120
Khemru 88
Sebeki 164
Tethru: 80
To-tanem 128
Typhon 120

La discussion est ici

Je ne sais pas réellement ce que ça donne (pas assez de recul, vous avez des retours là dessus ??) mais ça a l'aire de brider pas mal le sebeki. Il existe aussi l'autre solution avec les 3 types de hiérarques mais je n'y crois pas vraiment.

Note bien que les 2 propositions ont été faites par le même auteur et qu'il a "renié" le recalcule des points.

Pour Le hiérarque sébeki , il est vrai concentre beaucoup de puissance à lui tout seul (lui même + les favoris). Je pense qu'il aurait été sympa de limiter certaines races en armures par exemple pour les rendre plus vulnérables. : Ok tu tapes fort, mais tu prends cher en retour.

Pas vraiment pour, car je vois pas ce qui le limiterait fluffiquement. Une armure avec un coût fonction de la figurine me conviendrait mieux. D'ailleurs on voit apparaître des troupes avec des limitations d'équipement et ou le coût de l'option est annoncé.

Concernant le hiérarque de Bast, il est un cran en dessous ( comme les Khemrus et les tethrus). On n'y peut pas grand chose, à part ajuster les points justement.

Disons que son don et ses qualités d'esquive, de tireur doivent vraiment bien être utilises. Encore un fois il faut voir son coût en fonction de ce qu'il apporte derrière en troupe (c'est à dire jusqu'à 100% de tireur Basti). Mais j'ai bien conscience que le Hiérarque Asar de Bast apporte la même chose. 125 pts pour une armée full tir Basti c'est pas si cher payé ;) (Mais c'est rasoir à affronter).

Si ça vous tente, on peut en discuter sur cette mailing liste, si vous avez des règles pouvant rééquilibrer le jeu (ça m'interesse)


Je trouve dommage que sur le forum croco, il y ai beaucoup de "Fan boys" qui ne veulent rien changer même s'il est flagrant qu'il existe un déséquilibre (cf le débat sur les amulettes d'Anubis dernièrement)

C'est rigolo car c'est la même chose sur le forum PP et c'était aussi ça sur le forum Excelsior (Warzone/Chronopia). Des vrais chiens de garde ces ricains ;)) M'enfin je comprends qu'il ne veille pas trop qu'on "salisse" l'image de Croco.

Pour revenir au tactica, je le trouvais sympa car il donne des trucs intéressants qui peuvent être appliqués quelque soit les races. Coté "idéalisation", ça n'a quand même rien à voir avec des articles du White dwarf :-)

Assez d'accord c'est d'ailleurs ce que dit Seb.


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Minotaures & Satyres disponibles !

Mais ça n'arrête pas !! Quand vous allez voir les règles des Satyres vous allez hurler !! M'enfin c'est une très bonne chose ces sorties... et on espère tous que ça va bien se vendre.

NEWS: Minotaurs & Satyrs are here!
- Posted by Osiris
- Sunday, May 02, 2010

Minotaurs -- 
new from Croc Games!

Just in time for this year's World Campaign, we have Satyrs & Minotaurs for WarGods of Olympus!

The Minotaurs were sculpted by Benoit Cosse and the Satyrs were sculpted by Ben Siens. The rules for both will be available for free in next month's issue of Croc Tales., around the first week of June.

This month's release includes:

WGO-112 Satyr Hero $8.95
WGO-304 Satyr Archer Unit $35.95
WGO-706 Minotaur with Axe $24.95
WGO-707 Minotaur with Flail $24.95

These are all now available in the Croc Online Store.

As for retail stores, the new minis are shipping next week to our Distributors, and should be shipping to stores in a couple weeks -- if you normally get your minis from your local store, be sure to have them put a pre-order in for you soon! If your local doesn't carry them, please request them! They'll be available to stores in the USA through Alliance and WarPath Games.

Go to the Online Store
Toute la discussion (1)

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vendredi 7 mai 2010

Les sorties Wendigo de Janvier et Février

Pour le plaisir de revoir les affiches... Tout est sorti sauf le Wendigo Warband Guidebook... Vivement Février 2011 :D.

user  posted image

user  posted image
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