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vendredi 14 mai 2010

[Campagne Mondiale 2010] Scénario #2 for Mai 2010

Le nouveau scénario pour le mois de mai. Ile, bateau... que du bon. 

Scuttle Their Ships!

By Clarke Payne

As you and your crew were searching this island for supplies, you witnessed another warband's ships come ashore. You recognize them as another seeker of the Golden Fleece. They have not yet spotted your forces - this could be your chance to gain the advantage! If your warband can destroy their ships and escape, you will have many day's head-start on your opponents. Now, while they are disembarking and unprepared for the attack - charge!

Game Set-up:
The game table should be 4x6, and represents a small island. One of the long table sides should be marked with the shoreline roughly 8" from the edge. A minimal amount of terrain features should be placed on the beach (about 20" in from the shoreline), preferably palm trees and occasional bushes and rocky outcroppings.

The Defender is the Warband with the most Clues, if both warbands have the same number of clues, it is the warband with the highest point value. The Defender has three 3x5" boats deployed partly in the water at least 8" apart. All of the units in the Defender's warband deploy within to 6" from the boats. All units start out in Disorder, facing their boats, and chariot passengers are not in their chariot.

The Attacker's warband deploys on the opposite long-side of the table, within 12" from his table edge. No model in the attackers warband should start within 30" of the defender's models.

Special Rules:

The Ships
Each ship has a Structure Rating of 6 and 5 Wound Points. (See page 74 of the WarGods of Aegyptus Rulebook for the complete rules for Structures.) Structure rules summary: A model in base contact with a ship at the end of its Activation may attack it. The attack is considered a melee attack, but each Melee Test will automatically hit. The opposing player then makes a Structural Save using the ships Structure Rating (SR: 6). Any failed Saves cause a Wound to the ship. When a ship is reduced to 0 Wounds it is considered scuttled (destroyed) and appropriate debris counters can be placed (if available). The area where the ship was thereafter considered rough ground for Movement.

The objective is to destroy as many of the defender's ships by the end of turn 10. The Defender must attempt to save as many of his ships as possible.

Use a randomly determined Subplot.

Renown Rewards:
+2 Renown for the attacker, for each ship destroyed
+2 Renown for the Defender, for each ship that is not destroyed
Standard Renown is also awarded.

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