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vendredi 7 mai 2010

Scénario #1 de Mai 2010 - Crocodile Games Forum

Le thème du scénario est pas mal. Je savais que c'était une bonne idée de prendre le cyclope de Black Tree Design (pas beau mais fonctionnel)... M'enfin j'ai pas encore joué le Scénario #2 d'Avril... que de retard.
The Isle of the Cyclopes

By Chris FitzPatrick

In your explorations of the Great Library, you have discovered that the scroll holding the fate of the Golden Fleece was stolen from shelves some years ago, and the thief was last seen boarding a ship bound for Athens. You and your warband have quickly commandeered a merchant vessel and set sail on the Middle Sea. The journey is pleasant and uneventful at first, then ominous storm clouds appear and a furious wind whips the waves into a deadly torrent. Surely, you have offended the gods, and this is their wrathful revenge! Your sextant and navigator are washed overboard, and you and your crew barely survive the night, tied to the ship's mast and yardarms. You are lost at sea!

You awaken to find your ship beached upon a desert island. Groggily taking stock of the situation, you to discover that one of the most trusted members of your warband is missing… was he washed overboard as well? Then, a desperate cry is heard from the interior of the island – it is your crewmember, being carried away in the claws of a titanic Cyclops! You and your warband quickly grab your waterlogged arms and armor – it is time for battle!

As your warband approaches the lair of the Cyclops, you see your ally tied to a roasting spit next to another hapless victim, suspended over a giant pile of wood that has just begun to smolder. There is little time! You must save your ally from being roasted alive and eaten by these monsters! As you move in to engage the Cyclops, another shipwrecked warband is seen approaching from the other side of the island. Will they be friendly and help to save your man from the Cyclopes, or will they prove to be your enemy?

Game Set-up:
The game table represents a small desert island. The table should be roughly 4x6, and in the center there is a fire pit and a newly lit bonfire, where 2 captives are each tied to a spit, over a pile of smoldering wood. Spaced around the lair are at least 6 large outcroppings of rock, each 8" from the edge of the fire pit. Each rocky outcrop has a base size of 6" diameter and is 6" tall. The player's warbands begin in the center 12" of the opposite 4-foot ends of the table, and must deploy within 8" of the table edge. There are 2 Cyclopes on the table, each on opposite ends of the fire pit and with one of the outcroppings of rock between them and the nearest warband. A few trees and bushes can be placed around the table, none closer than 12" from any of the rocky outcroppings.

Note: Characters such as the Typhon Assassin that could normally start a battle in hiding must start the battle within their own deployment zone. The entire warband has just awoken from being shipwrecked on the island, and are just getting off their ship.

Special Rules:
No Subplot is used with this Scenario. The following special rules apply to this Scenario:

The Fire Pit
In the center of the battlefield is a fire pit, with 2 characters, each tied to a spit. The fire pit contains a stack of wood as high as as man-sized model, and this blocks line-of-sight for models behind it due to the rising smoke. The players must each select a single character from their warband, and this is the unfortunate character that the Cyclops has selected for his dinner! That character is placed on the bonfire, and the player must get a character to the tied model to attempt to save them. A rescuing character must begin their Activation Phase with a Hold Command Counter, in base-contact with the bonfire on the corresponding player's side. (For example, on the map below, to free warband A's captive the rescuing character would have to be on the left side of the fire pit. To free warband B's captive, the character would have to move around to the other side of the fire pit and play a new Hold command.) The rescuing character then rolls a Discipline Save to attempt to untie or cut the character's ropes (it is not an automatic action – the fire is getting hot!) Success means that the character has been freed, and it is placed next to the rescuing model. The rescued character then rejoins his Harbinger's warband, and may be given a Command Counter as normal on the next Turn. A captive can NOT be attacked while he is still tied up; he must be freed in order to attack him, and if freed he can not be attacked until the following Turn.

Note: once freed, the captives will not attack one another -- they have developed a bond of solidarity from their time spent together! If the captive is not rescued from the fire pit by the end of Turn 10, then he is roasted and eaten by the Cyclops, and is permanently removed from the warband. If a captive is freed, but killed after his escape from the fire pit, he is only a casualty and can be recovered normally.

The Cyclopes
There are 2 hungry Cyclopes who inhabit the island. Use Titan Masters for their models, or any suitably sized miniatures if the players do not have these in their collection. The Profiles for the Cyclopes are the same as a Titan Master, with the Cyclops mutation, and 1 other mutation chosen by the player. Each player controls 1 Cyclops, the one located closest to the opposing player. Each Turn, the Cyclops is given a Command Counter, and is activated as normal by each of their respective players. The Cyclops does not count against the number of units that the player's Harbinger can command. The goal of each Cyclops is to prevent his own bound captive from being rescued before Turn 10. By then, the captive will be fully cooked and ready for eating! Note, player A's Cyclops is only concerned with protecting his own' captive – the character from player B's warband, and vice versa. No captive can be attacked unless first released. A player may not use his Cyclops to attack the other player's Cyclops, and the Cyclops may not eat the captive until he is fully cooked!

The bowstrings, arrows, and slings of each warband are waterlogged from the night spent in the storm. All missile fire from Bows and Slings is conducted at a penalty of -2 to the Missile Test.

Winning the Scenario:
1. The game length is 10 Turns.
2. In order to win, the player must rescue his captive from the Cyclops, and escape the circle of rocky outcroppings with him alive. The first player who does so is considered the winner.

Renown Gains:
1. Standard renown and penalties are awarded.
2. If the player's captive is recovered alive, 1 point of Renown is awarded.
3. If any character single-handedly kills a Cyclops (with no wounds inflicted on the Cyclops from any other model) an additional point of Renown is awarded.
4. If none of the player's characters are killed by the Cyclops, an additional point of Renown is rewarded.
5. A Famous warband that frees both captives gains an additional point of Renown.
6. An Infamous warband that frees their own captive, yet leaves their opponent's there to roast gains an additional point of Renown

Special Rewards & Penalties:
The captives have overhead the Cyclopes talking about the legend of the Golden Fleece. If the player's captive survives the battle, the player gains 1 clue.

Reporting Requirements:
When submitting the report for this scenario, include the number of Clues found for each warband. These will be retained throughout the course of the campaign.
Reason for edit: Clarity of Fire Pit rules.

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