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lundi 13 janvier 2020

Achilles & Spartan Shields


Date de d'impression de WarGods of Olympus


Le bout du tunnel à partir du 22 février. Couverture rigide pour les 7 ans d'attente ^_^

Greetings Olympus backers!
We've got some great news on the WarGods of Olympus book printing: a print schedule, and a special bonus for book backers!
Printing Schedule
Greetings The print files are now safely in the hands of our printer.  Below is the schedule they've given us, all in all we can expect all printed copies to arrive about 3 months from now.  Keep in mind, these are estimated dates, but they do jobs like this every day, so we have every reason to expect things to go (roughly) according to schedule.
Nov 29: 1st Proofs expected - they'll be sending us some physical examples of the pages, so we can check & approve the reproduction quality.
Dec 5: Revised proofs expected - these should be the same proofs, with any corrections we've asked for worked in.
Dec 12: Print start date!  Assuming the above 2 go according to plan, of course!
Jan 14: Printing complete, we should receive a couple physical approval copies a few days later by FedEx.
Jan 20:  Expected date of departure, traveling by ship. Hopefully not a trireme!
Feb 21: Expected date of arrival in Indianapolis.
Feb 22: Shipping to Kickstarter backers begins!
In the next few weeks we'll be sending out address confirmations emails, to make sure that these all go to the correct address - we realize some backers have changed addresses since this journey began!
Hardcover Upgrade:
We've got some another exciting bit of news about the books: we have upgraded ALL of the printed books for Kickstarter backers to HARDCOVER!  Yes, it is official - if you are a backer with a printed book coming, it will be a hardcover edition! The cost for us was more, but we feel it is a nice bonus for all of our backers who have stuck with us through the long process of getting the book completed. And a 344 pages, the book will really benefit from the added durability of the hardcover case. The books are being printed by Regent printing, the same company that does the printing for a lot of big game publishers, so we are confident they'll do a great job.
Oh, and here's a picture of what the completed  back-and-front cover of WarGods of Olympus looks like:

WarGods of Olympis hardcover!
That's all for now - we'll be back with another update (for backers only) in a couple days with the revised PDF of the entire book, including the cover, edits, and endsheets all added.
Thanks for everyone's support so far!
-Chris & Felicity FitzPatrick


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dimanche 12 janvier 2020

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