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mardi 18 mai 2010

[Campagne Mondiale 2010] Scénario #3 de Mai

Un scénario avec des sirènes... que demander de plus !!
Siren Song

By Barry Cadwgan

Your ship has carried you close to the Island of the Sirens: the deadly bird-women whose song lures hapless sailors or their death. There are rumors that the island holds many maps and scrolls, lying amidst the corpses of those shipwrecked by the siren's song. These scrolls may contain vital clues to the location of the Golden Fleece. With luck, the scroll describing the fate of the Golden Fleece that was missing from the Great Library may be there!

Travelers' tales have warned you and your crew of the dangers of the Sirens song, so beautiful that travelers and shipwrecked mariners can do naught but sit, captivated until they crash upon the rocks and die. Despite the risk, you must search the island. Your leader orders all his followers to plug their ears with wax to resist the Siren song, and hope that it is enough.

Game Set-up:
The battlefield represents one end of the island of the Sirens. For scenery, it could be green and verdant or a blasted heath. There should be some scattered outcroppings of rock, strew with bits of wrecked ships. The Sirens are not actually depicted on the board -- they are just off the table's edge, perched upon a rocky outcrop and watching the battle below.

Place six poker chips or similar markers within 6" of the table centerline (center of short edge to center of short edge). No marker should be within 8" of any other marker. These represent the mortal remains of a traveler drawn in by the sirens.

1. Roll off to determine who picks long table edge.
2. Deployment zone is within 8" of your long table edge. You may set up in any formation.
3. Roll off to determine who places the first unit then alternate units. The Harbinger with the higher command rating adds +1 to this roll.
4. Characters attached to units are deployed with the unit. Chariots are considered units. All independent characters are considered to be a single unit and deployed simultaneously, however they do not need to be deployed in a group. They can be deployed anywhere in the deployment zone.

The island is a dangerous and unpredictable place. Roll on the chart below for the random effects on the island:

1-2 Unseasonable Weather: The temperature it stiflingly hot, making exertions difficult. All models are at -1 to their Defend Rating for the game.
3-4 Rainstorm: The island is subject to a heavy rain squall. At the start of each Turn, roll to determine visibility (10 +1D10 inches.) The storm will end immediately if a 10 rolled more than once. A Favorable Gale and a successful Arcane Save from the caster will quell the storm for a Turn.
5-6 Vengeful Spirits: Choose a piece of terrain in the center of the battlefield, next to one of the counters. Any unit within 6" at end of activation must make Rout Save, or flee.
7-8 Treasure Trove: Place a treasure marker in the very center of the table, in line with the casualty markers (3 should be placed to one side of the treasure, 3 to the other side, each 6" from the next.) Any unit or character that is not Fearless within 6" and line-of-sight of the marker at the start of their Activation must make a Discipline Save. Failure means they must move at Advance speed towards the treasure, stopping when they reach it. -1 Disc if Infamous, -2 Disc if To-Tanem.
9-10 Defiled Land: Even the gods have forsaken this cursed island. When any Harbinger power that requires spending a Ka Point or any Spell is cast/activated, roll 1D10. On an even roll, the spell/power works as normal. On an odd roll, the power fails, but Ka or spell points are not lost. This roll may not be rerolled by Defy Fate, and may not be attempted again until the following Turn.

Special Rules

Siren Song
Your leader (Harbinger/Demigod/Overlord/Ice Witch) has ordered that all their followers must plug their ears with wax to protect them from the song of the Sirens. Even the forces of the Eater are not immune, the song causes strange resonances in their empty skulls that paralyze them if unprotected.

The following restrictions apply:
1) As your warriors cannot hear properly, your leader's Command Value is halved (round up). Note : This will limit the number of units that can be issued orders each Turn. Remember, that your warband's leader can issue an order to himself, in addition to as many units as his Command Value.
2) Musicians have no effect in this battle as your warriors cannot hear them.
3) Beasts and other Animals are at -2 Discipline Rating, as they cannot hear their handler and are very uncomfortable and unhappy with the wax in their ears.
4) Howlers are subject to a -2 on the Discipline Test to cause their target to rout as their piercing howl is dimmed (this is in addition to the -2 Discipline penalty).

Gathering Clues
Each of the 6 markers placed on the table represents the remains of a lost traveler, drawn to his doom by the Siren's song. Only a character or unit (not monster or beast) can investigate the remains, by playing a Hold Command Counter while in base-contact with the remains, and not in melee combat. Once they have done so, they have found whatever records the traveler had. If enough information is found, it may give clues to the location of the Golden Fleece (see Special Rewards and Penalties below). A character can carry one marker at a time. A unit can carry any number of markers. Markers can be transferred between characters or units in the end phase if they are touching. If a character or unit is killed or routs, they drop any markers they carry. A character cannot fly while carrying a marker.

The side with the most markers at the end of the 10th Turn is the victor.

Renown Gains
Standard Renown is awarded for this battle.
+1 Renown if your warband gained more than 1 clue.

Special Rewards and Penalties
Each side gains clues according to the table below:
1-3 markers = 1 clue
4-5 markers = 2 clues
6 markers = 3 clues

Reporting Requirements:
When submitting the report for this scenario, include the number of Clues found for each warband. These will be retained throughout the course of the campaign.

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