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lundi 14 juin 2010

[Proxy] Immortal Miniatures update

TGN a publié une annonce d'Immortal Miniatures... Si je comprends bien au vu de la réussite de leur kit plastique, il se permette d'augmenter la cadence de sortie de figurine métal. Super nouvelle.
Immortal Miniatures have sent along details of some upcoming new releases as well as updates to their existing ranges of figures.
From their announcement:
I've just sent me next set of plastic figures off to tooling, with the next one to follow this month. The great thing about plastic figures is it allows you to make figures in metal that normally would not be so viable financially. Im hoping to add 2 brand new ranges this year and anther two that can be used to either expand some of my existing ones or create entirely new armies. The plan with immortal miniatures is to create a solid 'time line' of armies, so you always have opponents and ally's for each of the ranges.

Updating the ranges.
I've spent some time recently looking at some of my older figures in the ranges and thinking about how they can be improved upon to bring them up to the standard of the plastic Greeks and using the latest research available. While some of these figures will be replaced, the older versions will still be available on request. This won't be immediate and won't get in the way of new figures being released. I decided against updating the Persian infantry as these will be replaced with plastics by the end of the year.

The following will be updated:

  • Strategoi
  • Hoplites In composite and Linen Cuirass
  • Hoplites in bell cuirass
  • Persian Mounted Commander
  • Persian Light Cavalry Throwing Javelins
  • Light cavalry command
  • Persian Heavy Cavalry
  • Persian Heavy Cavalry Command
Assyrians and Babylonians:
  • Neo-Hittite spearmen defending
  • Neo-Hittite command
Why the long face? I've also decided that my horses could be better, so rather than practicing sculpting horses (which can take some time and distracts from sculpting new figures.) I have asked some of the industry's finest to make some for me. I have Ebob working on some Nisean horses and other animals (more on this later.) and Michael Lovejoy working on some Persian steeds.   Delays with casting. Griffin have been very busy after Salute, so I regret there has been quite a delay in getting my latest metal releases to those of you who have ordered them. I am hoping they will be waiting for me when I return along with Brand new Aramean light infantry, Babylonian archers and Skythian cavalry.

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