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mercredi 25 août 2010

Crocodile Games - Sebeki Convention Attendee

Une nouvelle figurine exclusive pour la Gen Con. Je suis pas grand fan de ce Sebeki geek mais le teeshirt doit pouvoir être sympa à la peinture... je le vois bien jaune avec un smiley. Clignement d'œil émoticône 
Autre chose, on nous dit que les blisters de 2 figurines vont disparaître des magasins... on espère que ça sera pour les remplacer par des blister avec figurines originales !! Wait and see.
It's time for GenCon Indy!
The Croc Team has packed to booth with loads of miniatures, and we're ready for the show. We've got a big painting competition planned, lots of demo games scheduled, and the finale of the 2010 World Campaign "The Quest for the Golden Fleece" on Saturday.
This year, we've got a special miniature, the "Sebeki Convention Attendee", a wacky little guy sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick. With his gaming T-shirt, convention badge, cup o' coffee, and big bag of games and supplies, he's ready for GenCon. Are you? We'll be giving the Sebeki Gamer out with every purchase of $100 or more, or he's available by himself for $10. Sorry for the poor quality photo, folks, we'll get a nice painted one posted after the show.

We've also got a huge sale going on. Croc Games is about to discontinue a big part of our WarGods range for retail sales. Don't worry, these minis will still be available direct from Croc Games, but we're condensing our range to make it more manageable for stores. Basically, most of the miniatures that are available in a Warband Starter Boxes will no longer be available separately in stores.
But now's your chance to get them if you want them. All of the miniatures listed below will be on sale for 40% off, while supplies last. After we sell out of these codes, we won't be restocking them. So come by the Croc Booth (booth #2221) and say hello.
Here's the list of the sale items:
  • WGE-001 Anubi Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-002 Heru Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-003 To-Tanem Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-004 Horde Mummy Booster (2)
  • WGE-005 Khemru Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-006 Nekharu Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-007 Anubi Archers Booster (2)
  • WGE-008 Khemru Slingers Booster (2)
  • WGE-009 Nekharu Witches Booster (2)
  • WGE-010 Basti Archers Booster (2)
  • WGE-011 Asar Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-012 Mummy Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-013 Basti Skirmisher Booster (2)
  • WGE-014 Heru Archer Booster (2)
  • WGE-015 Sebeki Warrior Booster (2)
  • WGE-016 Asar Warhawks Booster (2)
  • WGE-017 Asar Spearmen Booster (2)
  • WGE-018 Tethru Warriors Booster (2)
  • WGE-019 Typhon Warriors Booster (2)
  • WGE-020 Asar Archers Booster (2)
  • WGE-021 Nekharu Archers Booster (2)
  • WGE-022 Ghouls Booster (2)
  • WGE-023 Mummy Archers Booster (2)
  • WGE-024 Asar Slingers Booster (2)
  • WGE-025 Heru Swordsmen Booster (2)
  • WGE-026 To-Tanem Spearmen Booster (2)
  • WGE-030 Tethru Spearmen Booster (2)
  • WGE-108 Nekharu Witch Master
  • WGE-113 Priest of Osiris
  • WGE-121 Basti Hero
  • WGE-122 Basti Master of Words
  • WGE-125 Asar Hero with Axe
  • WGE-126 Asar Master of Words
  • WGE-128 Crypt Lord (Heru)
  • WGE-129 Crypt Lord (Tomb Queen)
  • WGE-130 Crypt Lord (Assassin)
  • WGE-135 Heru Captain
  • WGE-136 Heru Master of Words
  • WGE-137 Heru War-Maiden
  • WGE-143 Asar Witch
  • WGE-144 Sebeki Hero "The Butcher"
  • WGE-145 Sebeki Master of Words
  • WGE-146 Priest of Sobek
  • WGE-148 Asar Warhawk Captain
  • WGE-149 Female City-Dweller Master of Words
  • WGE-150 Asar Warhawk Hero
  • WGE-153 Tethru Hero
  • WGE-154 Priest of Thoth
  • WGE-155 Tethru Master of Words
  • WGE-157 Typhon Captain
  • WGE-158 Priest of Set
  • WGE-159 Typhon Master of Words
  • WGE-205 Harbinger of Khanum
  • WGE-206 Harbinger of Osiris
  • WGE-207 Harbinger of Bast (Male)
  • WGE-208 Heru Dark Harbinger
  • WGE-210 Harbinger of Sobek
  • WGE-212 Harbinger of Horus, Defender
  • WGE-213 Asar Harbinger of Horus, Defender
  • WGE-214 Harbinger of Horus, Avenger
  • WGE-215 Asar Harbinger of Horus, Avenger
  • WGE-216 Asar Harbinger of Khanum
  • WGE-217 Asar Harbinger of Bast
  • WGE-218 Harbinger of Thoth
  • WGE-303 To-Tanem Warrior Unit
  • WGE-311 Asar Warrior Unit
  • WGE-312 Warrior Mummy Unit
  • WGE-314 Heru Archer Unit
  • WGE-316 Asar Warhawks Unit
  • WGE-318 Tethru Warriors Unit (10)
  • WGE-319 Typhon Warrior Unit (10)
  • WGE-401 Melee Weapons (12)
  • WGE-402 Weapons of Power (12)
  • WGE-403 Specialist Weapons (12)
  • WGE-404 Heavy Weapons (12)
  • WGE-405 Bows & Quivers (10)
  • WGE-406 Javelins (10)
  • WGE-701 Abomination, Undead Sphynx
  • WGE-801 Basti Camp-Followers 1
  • WGE-803 Basti Camp Followers 3
  • WGE-804 Nekharu Torturer & Flesh Hulk
  • WGH-001 Wendigo Warrior Booster
  • WGH-002 Wendigo Hunter Booster
  • WGO-001 Spartan Hoplite Booster
  • WGO-002 Spartan Peltast Booster

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