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dimanche 26 décembre 2010

Seasons Greetings from Crocodile Games

Un mail pour noël de quoi se réchauffer !!
Date : mardi 14 décembre 2010 02:11
À : Benoit
Objet : Seasons Greetings from Crocodile Games
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Crocodile Games Newsletter

Seasons Greetings from Crocodile Games!

Have you noticed a lot of snow lately?  The Wendigo have arrived, with a cool new book - the Wendigo Warband Guide, featuring the rules and background for playing the Wendigo faction for WarGods. This book is 48 pages and printed in full-color, and includes 2 sheets of Hyperborea-themed Command Counters.
The Wendigo Warband Guide was written by Chris FitzPatrick, with additional stories throughout the book by Ryan Markle. It is lavishly illustrated with beautiful artwork from Des Hanley and John Wigley. It features graphic design by Brian Roe and a gallery of stunning Croc miniatures painted by Marike Reimer. This book is a must have for any WarGods fan!

The book is NOW AVAILABLE online from and from retail game stores worldwide. If your local game store does not have the books, let 'em know that they can get them from our US distributors, Alliance and Warpath.

WG-02  Wendigo Warband Guide    $24.95   plus shipping

Christmas Coupons from Santa Croc!

As a special thank you to all our customers, past and present, we are offering 20% off all miniatures in the Croc Online Store.  This coupon is valid until January 1, 2010.  Simply enter the coupon code in the promo code box when you review your order, and you'll save 20% on all miniatures in the cart.  This discount does not apply to shipping costs.

We will also be sending out a free sneak preview figure of one of our upcoming units, with each valid coupon order.

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