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lundi 9 janvier 2012

BaneLegions - BNB-021 – Ungefelic, Mantichora

Après la Chimère, voilà une Manticore très réussie parfaite pour vos partie en Olympus

Firstly, apologies for the slight delay in unveiling our BaneBeast for March, for which we quite naturally have an excuse for. That excuse is The Weather, which we will not elaborate upon as innocents may be caused offence.
Right. Enough rubbish. Here's Ungefelic, a Mantichora of quite uneven temperament, drawn for us by Christophe Madura and sculpted (somewhat differently to the concept, it has to be said, but that's because we wanted to try a slightly different pose) by the superbly talented Stéphane NGuyen van Gioi. Huzzah!
Even the Byzantians could not control Ungefelic, as wild and frenzied a beast as there could ever be, in their Auxilia Bestiarii; or so taunt the Ysians, for a beast renowned for its feral insanity could only ever be brought to war by a race that is equally insane. Indeed, once the Byzantians tried and failed to tame a beast that could not be tamed, the Ysian Fleshmasters took great satisfaction in capturing and turning a Mantichora of Byzantia upon Byzantia's own legionaries, an irony not lost upon the Emperor and another mark of vengeance yet to be fulfilled against the usurpers of Gaul, if he needed more, for Ungefelic has sent many of Byzantia to a grisly end. Thus, the tales of Ungefelic's terrifying wrath and unimaginable ferocity have now spread beyond Byzantia to the furthest corners of the known world, and whoever faces the rag-tag hosts of Ker-Ys will know they must find a way to best this fearsome creature of legend, this barbarous killer that feels no pain nor mercy, to gain victory; for, goaded to a berserk rage by the Fleshmasters that deny it flesh, the better to take the flesh of their enemies, Ungefelic is an almost elemental force that few can stand against.
There will be a painted version very soon, but for now enjoy the unpainted images… and Ungefelic is, of course, available to pre-order right now from the Maelstrom Games webstore!

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