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mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Carte d'Olympus


La carte Olympus en super qualité est disponible.
On apprend aussi que Chris continu la sculpture des figurines pour septembre et que le niveau Painter devrait être envoyé à la fin du mois.

It's been a couple weeks of sculpting, compiling backer data, and mold-making, but we thought we'd log in for another update on the progress so far.  Sculpting on the miniatures is progressing slowly but steadily - Chris is wrapping up the last of the Trojans (only the musician and Captain to complete now) and has finished the first 8 Demigods, and most of these have already been sent our to be molded.   Dionysus, the Oracle, and Helen have been started, and we'll post some pictures of them in the next few weeks as they are completed.  In case you have not seen it yet, Chris has started a sculpting thread on the Croc Forum, where you can see the latest progress... including the Demigoddess of Hecate. 

We are getting close to September, when the Trojans and Demigods are estimated to ship.  If all continues to go well, we are looking at the tail end of the month to start shipping Painter-level rewards (because these do not include the 3 Kickstarter exclusives).  As the Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures (Oracle, Helen, etc) were not factored into the original time estimate, their addition means that the $160+ rewards have a bit more sculpting & molding to complete before they are ready.  Chris is hard at work on these, and it is still too early to tell if we'll be able to deliver the larger rewards that include Exclusives at the same time... we'll keep you posted each week as the sculpting and final preparations are done!

On the digital front, Debs has also completed the large version of the campaign map (as featured on the Kickstarter stretch goal quest!) and we've made it available to our backers to download and print for personal use.  The large version is 9" by 12", at 300 dpi, which means it will still look great, even when printed poster size at 18" by 24"!  Enjoy!

Click here for a Large version: 

Click here for a Medium version:  

Thanks again for all of the support, and we'll be back in another week with the next update!

--Chris & Debs

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