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lundi 25 novembre 2013

Envoi Kickstater : Painter Rewards Shipping!


Copie du sujet pour ceux qui n'ont pas accès.

Painter Rewards Shipping!

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Greetings backers, we're back again with great news from the Croc HQ!  The Demigod miniatures have arrived, they look fantastic, and the Painter Rewards are shipping this week!
If you chose any of the "Painter" rewards (x1 through x8) and did not add any Add-Ons or substitutions, then we should be shipping your miniatures this week.  If you paid for Add-Ons or items other than the Demigods included, these rewards will be shipping a little later as we get the other molds completed and castings made. 
Debs is hard at work packing and shipping the Painter rewards, and we have photographic proof!
Debs gets the Painter Rewards ready for shipping! Debs gets the Painter Rewards ready for shipping!
As for the rest of the rewards, we are making great progress on the molds for the Trojans, which are next in line.  The last of the Trojan greens are at Majestic Moldmaking now, and we should be getting the master castings back for these in the next week.

 Click the link above to see more of the latest Trojan sculptures, including the Musician and the Swordsman!

Thanks to everyone for their patience with us so far, this is a huge assortment of miniatures, and we're doing our best to get all of these completed as soon as possible.
--Chris & Debs
Sculpting progress continues! While working on Helen of Troy, I've been finishing up the last of the Trojan poses, and there are 4 here to show off - Swordsman, Musician, Archer #3 and Archer Captain. These guys are making their first appearance here, but they are already at our moldmaker's for their master-mold now!
I'm still working on Helen, but she is coming along slower than I would like, as most of the last week was spent getting the Demigod miniatures out the door. I'll get pics of her up as soon as she feels she is looking presentable, but it will be a few days...
And now, more Trojans!
New Trojans
The musician pictured above also comes with a shield, but I did not have any handy when taking the photo.
New Trojans 2

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