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vendredi 21 février 2014

WarGods of Olympus - Kickstarter - La sculpture des amazones en cours


C'est du bon ça.

Greetings Olympic heroes!
We're here with another progress-report from the sculpting table... this time featuring the Amazons!  For the last couple weeks, Chris has been hard at work, sculpting the remaining Amazon models.  And we have photos of the latest minis to show off!
First up, a pair of the Amazon warriors (with no helmets this time).  Also in this pic is one of the 'sword arms', which fit into the shoulder-sockets of any of the front-rank Amazon warriors.  Both sword arms are now complete as well!

Next up is the Amazon Peltast Captain - she's the leader of the Peltast unit.  Here shield-arm is a separate piece, and it will be interchangeable with all of the other Amazon Peltasts.  Here she is, ready to fight:

Last, we have the Amazon Casualty... as you may have noticed, we're making casualty models for each of our Olympus factions.  You can't send all these warriors into battle and not expect to lose a few...

That's all the new sculpts for now, but there are more on the way in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!
On the production side of things, we're still waiting on the last of the Trojan molds to be completed.  Chris will be making a trip to see our moldmaker this Thursday to pick up the current batch of molds, and drop off the latest sculptures.  Thanks for everyone's patience with us on this - there were a LOT of Trojan molds, and our moldmaker is working hard to get all of these completed so we can start casting!
--Chris & Debs

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