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dimanche 23 mars 2014

Bitz et Gardes d'Honneur Amazones


Je ne regrette pas d'avoir pris cette faction !!!

Progress continues on the Amazons... I'm heading to our moldmaker's tomorrow to pick up the castings of the conversion bodies for the peltasts and archers. Ready to go are a forest of javelins and shield arms - as soon as I have the bodies I'll post some more pics 'assembled', before the second round of sculpting starts on them.

Peltast Bits
Just completed is the Amazon armor rack... I'm considering adding a shield or javelin as well. Once we have all of the citystates complete, these are going to make an awesome armory!
Amazon Armor
The Honor Guard is nearing completion so we should be able to show off the first model this week.

Here we have the first of the Amazon Honor Guards. There will be a second, who will be holding the polearm in her other hand - so they'll look cool when placed on either side of Penthesilea. She still has a bit of cleanup to do, and possibly some more trophies hanging from her polearm, but she's basically finished except for her slotta-tab.
Hope you guys like her!
Amazon Honor Guard


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