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dimanche 26 avril 2015

WarGods of Olympus - The Heroes of Athens


Ça se précise pour les Athéniens, c'est bien bon !!

The Heroes of Athens

Greetings from Athens!  (Well, the WarGods version of it...)
We're back with another update on the sculpting progress of the next faction - the Athenians!  Chris has just wrapped up the sculpts for the leaders of the Athenian army, and we've got pictures! 
First up is Theseus, the king of Athens.  He's nearly complete except for a couple small details and his shield (the metal shield shown is just a stand-in for the moment, his final shield will look like the concept art.)
Theseus, King of Athens (in progress) Theseus, King of Athens (in progress)
Here's is the original concept art for Theseus, to show what his final shield will look like:
Theseus concept art, by Des Hanley Theseus concept art, by Des Hanley
Next up is the Athenian Hero, armed with a spear and sword.  Chris sculpted him with a recurring wave decorative motif, as Athens is a major sea power.  His shield is also just a stand-in, the final shield will be a unique sculpt.  Also shown in the photo is the Athenian Armor Rack (which comes with the Hero.)
Athens Hero Athens Hero
 A few shots from different angles, showing off the model's dynamic pose:
Athens Hero, multiple views Athens Hero, multiple views
And speaking of Armor Racks, now that the Athenian Armor Rack is complete, we thought we'd show off what all of the armor looks like when lined up... pretty cool!  We've still got one more to go (for Corinth), and in the end there will be 6 suits of armor, one for each city-state.  These are going to make a great 'armory' scenic piece!
Armor Racks Armor Racks
There are just a few models to go for the Athenian release (Herald and Musician, and the Peltast & Archer captains).  If all goes well we hope to be able to start shipping these in July to Athenian backers.
We hope you all like them! :)
Chris & Debs


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