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jeudi 8 octobre 2015

WarGods of Olympus - Les greens des Corinthiens


Encore du beau travail à quatre mains !!

Plus de 20 type de bouclier différents pour représenter des mercenaires Corinthiens ça c'est une bonne nouvelle.

New Corinthian Sculpts

Greetings from Corinth!  We're back with another update...
Athens Warband
All of the Athenian masters are currently in the hands of our moldmakers, and they are working on them now.  We expect to have the molds back from them, possibly as soon as next week, and as soon as we do we'll start the metal production.  We're still hoping to begin shipping these before the end of September, keeping our fingers crossed that all of molds come out OK.  We'll be posting another update as soon as we get the molds in-hand, to keep everyone abreast of the timeline.
Corinth Sculpting Progress
We're happy to report that the first few Corinthian hoplites have been completed!  The new Corinth sculpts are a combination of Chris and Todd's sculpting. Unfortunately, Todd has run into some pressing time conflicts and can not get the rest of the Corinth sculpts finished as quickly as we need them, so Chris has stepped in to help complete the unit. Todd made the original bodies (the metal bodies in the photos) and Chris sculpted the helmets and all the new green/bronze elements.
These are just the first of the new Corinth warriors, there will be several more variations  coming later this month to complete the unit.  The Corinthians are rich, and their armor and weapons are meant to be the best that money can buy, so each warrior is intended to look very ornate to illustrate this.  The next round of sculpts will have more 'gear', such as swords, daggers, and money pouches.  The shields shown are from the Corinth mercenary Battle Honor (a unit with warriors with all different shields) and there will be many other shields available (the mercenary unit has nearly 20 different shield variations!)

Corinth Hoplites, sculpted                by Todd Harris & Chris FitzPatrick
Corinth Hoplites, sculpted by Todd Harris & Chris FitzPatrick
 The front-rank models above have their right arm as a separate piece.  These will also be used as the body for swordsmen, but with sword-equipped arms, of course!

Corinthian Hoplite,                sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick
Corinthian Hoplite, sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick
That's it for now.  We hope you like the new models, and we'll have several more of their friends to show in the next update.
-Debs & Chris


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