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vendredi 5 février 2016

Mise à jour du projet Kickstarter

Des news du Kick :

  • Reprise de Corinthiens par Chris reste à sculpter les 2 Gardes d'Honneur, le Hérault et le Musicien.
  • Athénien ont été livré aux backers.
  • Le live de règles avance. Des Spécialistes sont en cours d'écriture et seront beaucoup plus nombreux que dans le Ægyptus. Un Champion des jeux, Thaumaturge, Chiens des Enfers, Myrmidons et Ombres (Shades).

Olympus Progress Report

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Greetings WarGods backer! 
Well, we're a month into the new year, so it is high time we posted an update detailing what we've accomplished so far, where we are now, and how much is left to do.
This really falls into 2 categories, the book and the miniatures, so let's look at each of these in turn.
Miniatures Update
We counted up all of the different models funded by the project - Demigods, Trojans, Amazons, Athenians, Corinthians, and all of the extras like the Automatons, monsters, and exclusives - all told, we funded around 150 unique sculptures.  That is a lot of minis, no matter how you look at it!  The first 4 waves of these have shipped (Demigods, Troy, Amazons & Automatons, and Athens). The great news is that we are now just past 100 completed sculpts, with less than 50 minis to go.  Chris can usually sculpt about a figure a week, depending on the complexity, so we're hopeful we can get the last 50 minis completed and molded before the year is out.
As most of you know, the sculpting of the Corinth range was started by Todd, but he had to drop out due to time conflicts last year.  That was an unfortunate setback and has caused some delay, but Chris has been doing his best to complete their range in keeping with the great quality of Todd's original models.  Most of the Phalanx unit is now done, as well as the Hero, Captain and Bellerophon.  Remaining are the 2 Honor Guard and the Herald and Musician.  The first masters of the unit and characters just came back from our moldmakers at Iron Wind, and they look great.  We expect to have the whole range completed, molded, and shipping to backers sometime early this spring, if all goes to schedule.
The Athens range has now shipped to all of the Athens backers.  If you are wanting to get some Athenians, we still have a few sets left over, and you can get them via Paypal Pledging.  We're going to be cutting off the Athenians at the end of February, so if you want to add some, let us know before the end of the month.  Also, if you are an Athens backer and you have NOT received your minis, it probably means you have other minis requested that have not yet been completed, and requested the 'ship when complete' option.  If you want to change this and have some of the rewards shipped out now, just let us know.
Book Update
We've not spent a lot of time talking about the book since it is due out after the last of the core factions (Corinth).  However, we are getting close to wrapping up the Corinthians, so where are we with the big stack of paper?  Since Christmas, Chris has been working on the rules and background for the remaining troops (when he's not sculpting, of course).  Just to hint at what is to come, completed this month are new rules for the Champion of the Games, Thaumaturge, Hellhounds, Myrmidons and Shades.  There are a lot more troops than these coming as well - we'll be showing off a few of these in some of the next updates, to get some early player feedback on them, so stay tuned.  Now if we can just find a decent editor, we'll be nearly there!
The art is coming along too -- for the last 2 years we've had our 3 art collaborators - Des Hanley, John Wigley, and Paul Jeacock - hard at work on dozens of illustrations for the rulebook interior.  These are the same 3 talented artists who illustrated Aegyptus and the Wendigo books, so you can be sure that the style of art is just what you expect from a Croc product.  We now have, completed, over 130 individual pieces of color and B&W art!  That is a HUGE amount of art, and we're not quite done - there are still about a dozen key pieces still 'on the drawing board'.  When this is complete it will be our best-looking book yet, heck, probably one of the most lavishly-illustrated games on the market. 
So when will that be?  We are striving to have the book completed and going to press sometime this summer.  We know that waiting is not much fun, and we want to get this completed just as much as anyone.  There are still a lot of little details to finish, edit, playest, and paint before the book is ready to go, but we're working weekends and nights to get it all done.  Our backers have been so patient with us, and we really appreciate that.  We're doing our very best to justify your patience and support with an awesome finished project!
-Debs & Chris
PS: Oh year, let's show off a few of the Corinth minis... ladies and gentlemen, the King:
Finished model of King Bellerophon, by Chris FitzpPatrick, concept art by Des Hanley
Finished model of King Bellerophon, by Chris FitzpPatrick, concept art by Des Hanley
 And how about a Hero to go along with that...
Corinth Hero & Armor Rack, sculpted by Todd Harris & Chris FitzPatrick
Corinth Hero & Armor Rack, sculpted by Todd Harris & Chris FitzPatrick
And finally...
Corinth Captain & Casualty, sculpted by Todd Harris & Chris FitzPartick
Corinth Captain & Casualty, sculpted by Todd Harris & Chris FitzPartick
Note, the shields shown here are not likely to be the ones we ship with them, but they'll be similar.  The shield pictured is one of the Corinth mercenary shields, we had it onhand for the photo!