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lundi 6 mars 2017

Kickstarter avancement


Gates of Troy and get the Amazon Attack (cavalry) sont en bonne voie comme les photos ci-dessous le montrent. Le Devin Troyen est vraiment sympa je trouve. Garde de l'Autel Troyen aussi ^^

Signal fires spotted, Trojan and Amazon reinforcements dispatched!
Lot's of sculpting the last month, as I've been trying to wrap up the Gates of Troy and get the Amazon Attack (cavalry) underway. The Gates of Troy wave is getting close to completion - now finished are the Chariot and crew, the Seer and Temple Guards, and the War Altar is about half done - just starting on the 2 guards and the Altar Relic itself. Hector, Paris, and the Tragic Hero are all posed out, and the first bits of green have been applied. This wave was a lot more sculpting than I anticipated, the Chariot and War Altar are a lot of components - but they are getting there.
Here are some pictures of the Trojan Seer, and a metal casting of one of the Temple Guards (the second Temple Guard is done too, she can be seen in the 'new greens' box at the bottom.) The Seer is a simple figure, but I think she'll be a lot of fun in the game - her rules are in the Trojan PDF if you guys have not seen them yet!
Trojan Seer
And here's a pic with one of her guards:
Seer and Temple Guard
I've been working out some of the design issues for the Amazon Cavalry on a single figure, so that I don't have to 'explore' while working on the whole unit. The first one is done! There are a few bits I'll change on her design for the rest of them - mainly the cut of her skirt, I think she turned out ok.
Amazon Cavalry
Here is a picture of her from the back, and a good view of her shield.
Amazon Cavalry rear
And now you are asking, "Fitz, will the arms be compatible with the Front Rank Amazons? And the Swordswomen???" Yes indeedy! All the warrior arm-sprues should be interchangeable, so that you can make Cavalry with swords, spears, or even axes (coming soon).
Amazon Cavalry Arm Options
I mentioned a while back that I was considering reworking the bases of the Olympus horses. I did, and now they are on easy-to-glue-on flat integral bases, rather than the slotted tabs. You guys will thank me when it comes to assembling the Chariot, the flat bases make it a lot easier to put onto the mdf chariot base, and they look nicer once flocked. Behold:
New Horse Bases
And last, here's a box of some more parts on the way to the moldmaker. Yes, those are some Titan arms (with the 'claw' mutations) the second Trojan Altar Bearer, the Trojan Chariot Driver, and the second pose of the Temple Guard.
New Greens for January
Thanks for being patient guys! We are getting there!

Posted: Thursday, Feb 09, 2017 at 6:07 PM — Edited on 2017-02-09 18:14:23.0
Here's another one I just finished to go into the mold with the last batch - the Trojan Altar Guard. He's a little beefier than the earlier Trojans, as the guards would be bigger guys than the run-of-the-mill soldier.
There will be a second pose of him too, so he can be placed on either side of the Altar and priest.

Pictured here with the Seer for scale:
Troy Altar Guard, and Seer
His axe is based on ceremonial axes from the Minoan era, I may do the next one with a double-blade design, like these, what do you guys think? Here are some pics:
Minoan Cerimonial Axe

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