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mardi 10 avril 2018

Kickstarter WarGods of Olympus - Hydre en stock et illustrations


Un peu de news : L'hydre, des illustrations qui vont bien (très contente de voir que Tony Hough va travailler sur le livre Olympus), le livre Olympus pour l'été si tout va bien (je dirais fin de l'année plutôt connaissant les retards de Crocodile Games).

Hydra shipping, and art update!

Greetings backers!
Hydra Rewards
Good news from the packing-room at the Croc HQ: the castings of the Hydra have at last arrived, and packing is underway.  As mentioned in the last update, the Hydra was the final miniature that we funded in the Kickstarter - with it's arrival, ALL sculpting and moldmaking for this program is now complete, and most of the casting is as well (other than the odds and ends that we may have to make a few extras for - which always happens!). That is great news, as with each element that we complete, the remaining items on the 'to do list' get more of our time to finish off.  So, things are happening much faster now.
Lots and lots of Hydra parts - sorting and                packing!
Lots and lots of Hydra parts - sorting and packing!
We're now packing the last of the rewards for our backers who pledged for the Hydras, and any backers who asked us to wait and ship their miniature rewards when everything was complete.  This is likely to take a few weeks yet to get all of them out the door, but we are nearing the finish-line as far as the miniatures are concerned.  If you are still waiting on miniatures, we'll be sending out shipping address confirmations over the next couple weeks, as packages get filled.  If you want to add something to your package, let us know as soon as possible - shipping can be expensive, but it is much cheaper to add a few items to your existing package.  If you have not gotten a shipping confirmation yet and think you should have, please let us know and we'll be able to let you know where your minis are in the process. 
A pic of the first Hydra, assembled and ready for                painting.
A pic of the first Hydra, assembled and ready for painting.
Rulebook & Art update
But how is the book coming, you ask?  We know this is far behind schedule, and we are doing everything possible to complete all the elements to send to the printer this spring, so that it is available this summer. 
Final art elements are coming in, and we are laying out more and more pages every day.  Our art contributors are working furiously to get the last illustrations finished to bring the world of Olympus to vivid life.  Does the book need more dangerous, deadly women?  Check!  Does it need more scenes of drunken revelry?  Check!!  Does it need more pics of Trojans and Amazons?  Triple-check!!!   Below are a few of these recently-completed illustrations, we hope you guys will like them:
A dangerous, deadly woman...
Artemis illustration, by Piya Wannachaiwong
Artemis illustration, by Piya Wannachaiwong
 A scene of drunken revelry...
Arcadia, by Tony Hough
Arcadia, by Tony Hough
Amazons and Trojans on the march...
Trojans & Amazons, by Des Hanley
Trojans & Amazons, by Des Hanley
That is just a taste of what is in store.  Until next time!
-Chris & Felicity (Debs) FitzPatrick


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