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vendredi 2 novembre 2018

Crocodile Games - Press: Warband of Corinth, now available!


Les figurines sont magnifiques, la vidéo est superbe !!

Thursday - November 01, 2018

Warband of Corinth, now available!

The new range of miniatures for Corinth is available now, in the CROC STORE!

Arrogant and wholly corrupt, the Corinthians are the wealthiest city-state in all of Hellas. The army of Corinth is equipped with the finest weapons and armor, their shields emblazoned with a white winged horse, and wearing luxurious cloaks of the deepest black – a grand sight on the battlefield, even if their bravery is sometimes questioned. Yet what need is bravery, when enemies can be bribed and betrayals bought with full coffers of Corinthian silver?

The Corinth miniatures were sculpted by Todd Harris and Chris FitzPatrick, based on concept art by Des Hanley. Corinth color painting by Paul Jeacock. The display models were painted and photographed by D Felicity FitzPatrick.
The new Corinth range contains the following packs:
WGO-906 Corinthian Warband Starter Set - $74.95
WGO-133 Corinthian Captain, with Casualty - $8.95
WGO-134 Corinthian Hero, with Armor Rack - $8.95
WGO-323a Corinthian Hoplite Unit - White Wings (12) - $39.95
WGO-323b Corinthian Hoplite Unit - Soldiers of Fortune (12) - $39.95
WGO-323c Corinthian Hoplite Unit - Suitors of Aphrodite (12) - $39.95
WGO-325 Corinthian Archer Unit (10) - $35.95
WGO-324 Corinthian Peltast Unit (10) - $35.95

To see LARGER painted images of all of these Corinth models, check out this thread on the Croc Forum.

Want to know more about Corinth in the WarGods world? Check out this preview from our upcoming rulebook, with rules and background for Corinthian warbands: Download PDF.


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