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lundi 21 janvier 2019

Kickstarter WarGods of Olympus -Rulebook Preview #2


Reviews #2, ça avance, l'introduction, la partie campagne , le fluff Antédiluvien !! Les mettre en dl permet aussi un retour des backers ce qui est pas plus mal pour avoir une livre bien corrigé !! Le chapitre des règles de base devrait arriver dans pas longtemps, retard du au photos tout ça ^^ En tout cas on a jamais été aussi près du but et pour fêter ça je l'annonce 2019 verra apparaître un event français pour WarGods !!

Rulebook Preview #2

Publié par Crocodile Games (créateur)
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Greetings Olympus backers!
We hope that everyone had a great holiday, and that you have been enjoying the last Olympus preview!  Good news -- we're back with another one!
Olympus Preview #2
This preview includes the following complete chapters:
1.  Introduction
7.  Campaign Play
8.  The Antediluvian World
A substantial part of this preview is the Campaign Chapter -- it is over 60 pages long! One of the things that many players have commented about WarGods of Aegyptus is that they liked the Campaign Chapter, so we doubled-down on this for Olympus, and created a campaign that will take players across the lands of Hellas, the islands of the Middle Sea, and into the dark Underworld!   Backers who have participated in our past convention events will likely recognize a few faces in the 'in-game' photos, too!
You can download it by clicking the link below:
 Olympus Preview #2 <backer uniquement>

Editing Help
As before, if you spot an error or contradiction, please post in the comments and let us know.  Some of our backers have really helped with the last preview (over 50 comments on the thread!) The idea is to catch all the mistakes now, so they don't hide and give us a nasty surprise once the book is in print and we can't do anything about them.  So thanks for all the comments so far, and please keep them coming.
Chapter 2
So what's still to go?  We has planned to include Chapter 2 (the game rules) in this update, but we are still working on many of the graphic elements and photos.   These have proven to be an ongoing challenge (we're not professional photographers), but we are finally making progress. So, we're taking another week to get the last elements of Chapter 2 worked out, and we'll be posting it next Wednesday (January 23).  We know that a large group of our Australian players need this before CanCon, so we'll have it uploaded with a couple days to spare.  In the mean time, today's preview has a lot of pages to sink your teeth into, and we hope you will enjoy them!
-Chris & Felicity
Crocodile Games


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