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jeudi 25 avril 2019

WarGods of Olympus : Dernier PDF du livre de règles


On a jamais été aussi prêt de la sortie. Fin de l'été sûrement. Ceux ayant accès à ce RC (release candidate comme ils disent dans l'informatique) peuvent proposer les corrections avant impression.

En tout cas le livre est très beau avec beaucoup de matos de campagne et narratif pour une immersion parfaite ! ;)

Olympus Update - Latest Rulebook PDF!

Publié par Crocodile Games (créateur)

Greetings Olympus backers!
We are back with the latest draft of the Olympus rulebook!  We have compiled all of the previous sections into a single PDF, and added the chapter introduction stories and illustrations.  Also added is a table of contents, the chapter summaries, and a quick reference page at the end,  Several sections have been significantly reworked to incorporate changes and clarifications that backers asked for, including the warband construction pages.  These expanded sections allowed us to use a bit more of our artwork, and we think the latest version is a big improvement over the last.  You are going to see several new pictures and some awesome stories you have not seen before!
Another big change in this version that we've simplified the presentation of the profiles for each unit type. We've now gone back to the way they were originally presented in Aegyptus, with only the numbers (ratings, move values, base size, etc) on the chart, rather than attempting to summarize their special abilities and powers.  To put it simply, they were getting too cluttered, so we went back to 'simple'.  All of that information is right there on the same page-spread as the profile anyway, so it should not really be any less clear.
So what's left?
At this point, the page order is very close to being finalized - we just need to add the miniature & terrain gallery, and that will likely fall between the Titans chapter and before the Campaign chapter.  We are also working on the last filler stories (visible in red text in the PDF), and a couple of small pictures to bring some sections together.   There are also some headers and text frames to replace, and some general cleanup - but the book is very close to the final 'look'.
Our page count looks to be at 336 pages (once we add 8 pages for the galleries).  For some perspective, that's 48 pages more than Aegyptus!  Even with the expanded page count, we've had to really struggle to fit everything within - Olympus has a LOT of options to play with!
All in all, we're about 95% complete, and expect to have the final version of the layout ready to go to print in few weeks.  The printing process will likely take 3 months, and if all goes as planned we expect to have copies in the late summer.
Editing Help
As with the last drafts, if you spot an error please let us know.  Don't worry about the red text, that will all be corrected/completed before the next (and final) draft.  We are very grateful to all our backers who have helped with the editing so far, so please keep them coming. 
Note: we will be removing the earlier PDF drafts in the next day, and wrapping up those update threads as those drafts are no longer relevant -- the corrections have been incorporated into the text. 
Book Thank you Page
Towards the end of the book you will find a compiled list of names for the thank you page.  If you purchased a physical copy of the book (not the pdf version), then your name should be on there.   If it is missing, please let us know in the comments below.
-Chris & Felicity
Click below to download the latest draft:




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