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dimanche 27 mars 2011

Crocodile Games - Mycenaean Tower Shields preview

J'aime bien les "2" pour les gardes d'honneur.
Hey Gang,
OK, here is the concept art for the Mycenaean Tower Shields, by Des Hanley. These shields are large, covering the bearer from shin to shoulder -- just like they are supposed to!
You'll notice that there are several designs here, and that they are numbered from 1-7. We'd love to know which ones you like best, so feel free to reply and tell us which ones you like best for your basic Mycenaean warrior. (We figure that 2a and 2b will be for the Honor Guard.) This would be very useful info for us, as we're going to have lots of shield options available to choose from, and we want to put the most popular designs in with the packs of warriors we send out to stores (the rest will be available online, of course).
There are a few shields that were sculpted earlier, and sold with the pre-release Mycenaeans. These will all be available as well.
Check 'em out:
Tower Shield concepts

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