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dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Historicon Campaign Event - The Siege of the Acropolis

Un compte rendu d'un événement de campagne a Historicon.
The forces of Order had been hard pressed in recent weeks, with monsters of all shapes and sizes prowling the countryside causing destruction in all civilized lands. To counter the growing threat posed by the armies of monsters, their leaders gathered at the Acropolis in Athens, to appeal to the gods for help and guidance. There, the 12 Priestesses of the Temple of Athena spent 3 days praying and making offerings to the gods, as the monsters gathered ever closer. Near evening on the third day, the gods spoke, and each of the priestesses were given each a part of the secret -- where Pandora's Box has been taken. As the secret was revealed, the mixed army of monsters arrived, colossal Titans and shambling Undead, united in an unholy alliance! Would the Priestesses survive the battle, to reveal their secret to the forces of Order? The battle was joined!
The battle was long and bloody, in all there were 10 warbands from the lands of Aegyptus and Olympus involved in the struggle (3 Aegyptus & 2 Olympus vs. 4 Titans and 1 Eater of the Dead). There were many acts of heroism on the battlefield, too numerous to list individually. By nightfall 5 of the 12 priestesses were slain and eaten, but 7 of the 12 escaped to safely behind the lines... a decisive victory for the forces of Order! The priestesses were at last able to meet with the leaders of the army of Order, and piece together the secrets that the gods revealed to them.
The gods have revealed that Pandora's Box has been taken away to the place where the mortal world meets the underworld. There, the forces of Chaos are performing a ritual with Pandora's Box, to release the ultimate evil into the world. The forces of Order must stop them!
(The finale of the Pandora's Box campaign will be held on Saturday August 6, at GenCon in Indianapolis. We'll be posting 2 more scenarios that can be played before then!)

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