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dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Scenario #1 for July/August 2011, Column of Sorrow

Pas très suivie cette année – le changement de forum y est surement pour quelque chose – la campagne mondiale propose quand même des scénarios intéressants. Le premier de Juillet/Août
Column of Sorrow
Written by Tony Rodgers
(An Order faction Scenario follow-up to Ashes of the Dead)
Many of the villages in the Aegyptus countryside have been captured and destroyed and their inhabitant burned alive.. The Chaos Warbands have collected all of the Ashes from the fallen villagers and now transport the Ashes viva caravans to a Old and destroyed Temple. Your scouts have reported that a caravan containing 3 carts laden with ash from the nearby villages is passing along the road to the North. You and your followers of Order have sworn to stop the delivery of the Ashes, or die in the attempt!
Sub-Plot: Fanatical Desperation
1. Followers of Order will fight with fanatical desperation to retrieve the Carts of Ashes, and receive a bonus of +2 to their Discipline Rating when within 12" of any of the carts.
2. Also roll for another sub-plot per standard rules.

Winning the Scenario
The game length is 10 Turns.
1. The Chaos player must get at least one cart of Ash off the opposite table edge, before the end of the 10th Turn.
2. The Order player must prevent the carts from leaving the table edge, by either capturing, stopping, or destroying them. Any cart left on the table at the end of the 10th Turn is considered to be in the possession of the Order player.
3. The player who finishes the game with the most carts is considered the winner.

Game Set-up
1. The battlefield represents a caravan road, so it should have a clear 12" wide path from the center of one player's table edge to the other player's table edge. A few scenery items such as hills and trees can be placed on the edges, but none closer than 6" to any other.
2. The Chaos player receives 3 carts filled with jars of Ash. Chariots or other suitable miniatures may be used to represent the carts if appropriate models are not in the player's collections.
3. The Game Board should be 48" across, and players each set up opposite of each other within 8" of their table edge. No model should be closer than 32" to any enemy model. 4. Deployment begins with the 3 carts, and then alternates between players (starting with the Order player) until all units and Characters have been deployed.
4. Character and units may start the game 8" in from their own table edge.
5. Units of the Chaos player must start the game in column formation.

Special Rules:

Carts: The carts are simple wooden wagons pulled by 2 oxen, laden with a heavy load of Ash. These have the same Profile as a Chariot but with a movement of 4/8, and an attack Rating of 3, and Armor Rating of 4. They each come with a complimentary Driver armed with a Hand Weapon. These may be grouped together as a single unit, or individually. The player may attach an additional Character on a cart, effectively acting as a Chariot Passenger.

Renown Gains
1. The winner gains +1 Renown for winning the game.
2. If the Chaos player manages to get all 3 carts off of his table edge, he receives an additional point of Renown.
3. If the Order player prevents all 3 carts from leaving the table by the end of Turn 10, he receives an additional point of Renown.
4. Standard renown points are also awarded.

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