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vendredi 9 mars 2012

BaneLegions - BNL-025 – Megálávra, Krokodar Slaughterer

Un Favori de Sobek ou un rank filler dans une unité de Sebeki.
It's the first Monday in March, and therefore BaneLords day! We have two for you this month, due for release in April, although we'll show one today and one tomorrow for no other reason than us being rather over worked…!
Now then. It's been a little while since Benoît Cosse graced us with a sculpt, since Ckaarakk, in fact; although he's now beavering away for us on a quite amazing (and humungous) BaneBeast that should be unveiled next month. It's all go here!
Check out Christophe Madura's awesome concept art, if you haven't already, and marvel at how closely Benoît has got to it. It's always a difficult thing, creating a three-dimensional sculpt from a two-dimensional drawing, but Benoît has really pulled it off… oo-er!
Of all the myriad sklávoi the Atalantes created at the dawn of the world the Krokodars have always been the most difficult to direct to the tasks required of them, for they are quick to anger and respond poorly to command, and of all the Krokodars, few have proved to be as intransigent as Megálávra, a beast of huge proportion and terrible temperament with little desire even to be led to freedom by Ophius, let alone be a slave to the humans he has despised for centuries. Yet he and his Krokodars – whilst brutal and strong – are necessarily few, for the Atalantes knew their application well, restricting such terrible creatures to the quarries and the mines and the pits, where they could be easily contained and a danger only to themselves and their immediate guards; and thus, Megálávra can see the value of Ophius' slave-hosts and war-weapons, as much as he may begrudge their alliance, for there is a strength to be found in numbers, and he and his kin are now gathered to wield the blades made of the stone they once broke in a war that promises them all the vengeance they crave and an outlet for the rage they have suppressed for so long.

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