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dimanche 17 juin 2012

BaneLegions - BNB-027 - Blood-Maw, Vore

En voilà un Titan sympathique !!

Sometimes we produce a miniature that is so incredible there are no words to do it justice. Suffice to say, Blood-Maw – drawn by Christophe Madura and sculpted by Dan Cockersell, his third masterwork for us after The Terror of Fortriu and Krull – is one of those miniatures. Enjoy…
In the bleak mountainous lands of Jötunheimr there are far worse creatures to encounter than the Jötnar or indeed the Thursar, as terrible and ferocious as they are, and yet the ambitions of the Norse within Midgard – and the powerful beasts of their enemies – is such that even these most vicious and brutal creatures are not enough to ensure their raids are successful. Thus it is that the rarer and more terrible giants, the Bergrisar and the Hrímthursar and the Eldjötnar and myriad others of myth and legend, are hunted for and persuaded or even bribed to join the Norsemenn to further terrorise the lands across the seas; but even they keep a respectful distance from perhaps the most terrible of all the giants, the Hellir-risar, known to the enemies of the Norse as Vores, cave-giants from the old sagas encountered rarely over the centuries by any creature that dwells above the earth and almost forgotten. Thus is Blood-Maw – Blód-munnr in the Norse tongue – as terrifying to the Skilfings as it is to their enemies, for it cares not which creatures' flesh it fastens its jaws around nor whose blood it drinks: just that it can devour whatever and as much as it wishes, for the blood that is spilt and the flesh that is torn when the Norse join battle is virtually limitless and irresistible to the most vicious carnivores of all Jötunheimr.

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