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dimanche 17 juin 2012

Re : Victrix - Boite de Greek Hoplites

Voilà la dernière boite d'Athénien de chez Victrix. C'est du très bon pour une armée de menée par un Demi-Dieu de Zeus. Yabon.


Plastic Greeks are here at last!
Well, almost!
We have just received test sprues of the eagerly awaited Athenian Hoplites and have been busily sticking some units together to show them off. We could not be happier with the finished results and hope you agree with us that these are some of the finest plastic figures on the market. The detail is really sharp and crisp, and we must give a huge round of applause to the guys in the Tool room for the quality of work they have done.
Athenians standing
The box contains 48 miniatures with thrusting and at rest arm positions, plus lots of extra options such as sword arms and speciality pieces to customize your figures, creating the huge variety of poses and character which people have come to expect from Victrix sets.
Athenians Thrusting
We are due to put the first Greek set `Athenian Armoured Hoplites' on pre-order on 24thMay. Orders should start shipping around the 2nd/3rdof June.
The Spartans will follow the Athenian release about 2 weeks later, followed by the Thebans and the Mercenaries. Each set contains different heads and some extra parts options. All these sets will be able to be mixed together to add a massive amount of variety to your Hoplite armies.
We are hoping to receive test sprues of the next 3 sets in the next week. As soon as we have them we will be posting images on the site (we can't wait to see those Spartans!)
Steve at LBMS is busily designing transfers for the models and they will be going up on the site early next week in time for the Athenians release.
Future Releases

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