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dimanche 4 août 2013

Bronze Minotaur Revealed!


Sympathique ce minotaure

The Kickstarter has been over for a few weeks and we are busy as bees here at the Croc HQ -- We just got back from Historicon last week and we are hard at work on the Kickstarter stuff.
As you know, everyone should have sent in their surveys by now, if you haven't; check the kickstarter program page and there should be a notice for you to fill it out. Please don't delay; we need this information to produce the miniatures.

Debs is busy compiling all the information from the Kickstarter surveys. This is a huge job because there are a lot of backers and a lot of options. She is slowly working her way through it and as soon as she has got a comprehensive list, we will be contacting you if we need any clarifications or additional information that we may need. Chris has been sculpting away and is making steady progress on the miniatures. He's putting the final touches on the Demigods and cutting them into their separate parts to be sent to the mold maker. He has also nearly finished one of the Bronze Automatons… the Bronze Minotaur! Check out these in progress photos – there are still a few more things to clean up and little details to add, but the Bronze Minotaur is nearly done and stands 2.75 inches tall, so he is going to be an impressive miniature on the battlefield! 

Thanks again for all of the support. Tune in next week for another update.  

--Chris & Debs
Crocodile Games

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