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samedi 28 juin 2014

Kickstarter de Oathsworn Miniatures pour Project Pantheon 1: Odin, Lord of Asgard


De quoi débuter un WarGods of Valhalla (dont on peut trouver les r€ègles dans le fanzine Gods of War).

The Plan

We've done a couple of Kickstarter projects already, and now have a small fantasy miniatures line as a result. But our sculptor, Michael, has always wanted to do a range of gods... and so we're beginning Project Pantheon.
We're starting out with the chief god of the Norse Pantheon, Odin, riding his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. We'll be casting the model as a multi-part metal kit, suitable for gamers, collectors and figure painters.
We're a fair way along the production process; all the concept work has been done, the model is already sculpted, and prepared for moulding. So we are pretty much ready to go.

After this project is finished, we'd then like to sculpt more gods - either more from the Norse pantheon, like Loki or Thor, or from a different pantheon, like the Greek or Egyptian gods.

The costs

Producing a model like this is an expensive process; in this case most of the cost is in the sculpting. Michael has put more than a hundred hours into the sculpt, and that is a lot of time for one model. We also need to get the moulding done, and buy in the metal - it's a heavy model, estimated at about 250 grams; so we'll need lots of metal!
Basically, this Kickstarter is a trial run for Project Pantheon. If the response is good, then we'll invest the time and resources to expand the range.

The size

Odin is a big figure - if you are used to 28mm figures, he'll definitely be larger than you are used to. If he was an infantry model, he'd stand about 40mm tall.
So why have we made him in a bigger size than the rest of our figures? There are 3 reasons; firstly, he's a god! We want him to be an impressive model, one that will stand out on the tabletop or in a display case. Secondly, we wanted to do a really high quality job on the sculpting, and a bigger size helps with that. And thirdly, we wanted him to fit in with other ranges of gods, such as those by Bronze Age Miniatures, and North Star Miniatures - all of which are in a similar size to ours.
This means that you could use Odin easily in a game of Osprey's Of Gods and Mortals. That's what we're doing with ours, anyway!

The Model

Below you'll find pictures of the sculpted master model of Odin and Sleipnir. Clicking on the pictures will take you to a much larger image, if you want a closer look.

What do you get?

Odin and Sleipnir are supplied as a nine part metal model kit, for you to build and paint. The kit comes with a 50mm round plastic base. Here's a picture of the parts:

Thanks for taking the time to look at our project.
Michael and Jo
Oathsworn Miniatures

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