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jeudi 20 novembre 2014

Explication à propos des masters


Chris explique sur le forum que le nettoyage des masters metal pour le moulage peut être compliquer et prendre pas mal de temps. Chris fait ça comme un chef quand on voit la qualité des tirages.

Cleaning the masters is essential to do correctly - if they are sent to the moldmaker with imperfections like mold lines, metal gate vents, etc, these will be on all of the production figures. So, we clean each and ever one as perfectly as possible, so you don't have to.
If there are a lot of greens involved, it can be a long process - especially if something goes wrong. In this latest batch, I erred on the thickness of the archer's bows, and so I've had to go in and thicken each and every bow on the masters. Each mold has about 12 minis in it, and there are 5 archers, so I had to rework 60 miniatures... doh!  It would have been better to catch it at the greens stage, but at least I'll be better prepared in the future.
The good news is that all of the greens in the photo below (and a few more) are now mastered, cleaned, and the masters were sent back to our moldmaker on Monday to have their production molds made. I'm now back at the sculpting table, working on the last few bits for the Amazons (herald and musician, expect pics in about a week or so!)



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