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jeudi 20 novembre 2014

Kickstarter Sculpts - Amazone à tout va !


Musicien et Hێrault, trop beau ! Et Penny la bourrine !
Posted: Monday, Oct 06, 2014 at 9:39 AM
OK, time to show off another round of sculpts, these wrap up them Amazons.
First up are the Amazon command figures, the Herald and Musician. The Herald carries a standard that suggests the changing phases of them moon, as well as the tripart aspect of the goddess Hecate. The Musician carries a lyre, based on an actual ancient greek design - made from the shell of a tortoise, and the arms of the harp are made from the horns of a bull. I thought the use of natural elements appropriate to the Amazons!
Amazon Command
Greek Lyre
Next is the Amazon queen, Penthesilea. Penny was a real struggle to sculpt, I ended up starting and restarting the model several times, before I got a pose I was happy with. She's one of those miniatures that is very difficult to photograph because she does not lie on a flat 2d plane... I tried to get a coupe different angles to show, but I should probably have taken a couple more. Her axe arm comes off at the shoulder, and her shield arm comes off at the elbow. I included another pic of Des' excellent concept design too...
Penthesilea concept design
Penthesilea green
These are the last of the Amazons in their first wave, and they are at our moldmaker now! Fingers crossed that the molds come out OK, if so we should have production molds in our hands very soon!


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