Well here goes a log of my side project that I began last month. I had a bunch of these Wargames Factory Amazons laying in my bits from an aborted slanneshi cult for a big chaos space marine army i had and a ton of square bases sitting around after converting my skaven to AoS. Im making this army with KoW as a framework of what I want to have at the end of the project but I doubt it will get used in gameplay. It would be nice to see it painted on the battlefield one day but who knows.

Anyway so far I have 40 spearmen, 30 bowmen, 20 phalanx pikemen, a priestess/sorceress, a queen and a banner bearer. Furthur expansion would see more phalanx pikemen, a type of two hand weapon berserkers, light chariots, and war elephants. Im looking forward to this project as its so different than an other project I have attempted. I hope you enjoy.