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dimanche 1 novembre 2015

WarGods of Olympus: Mythology Miniature Battle Game by Crocodile Games — Kickstarter


Des belles illustrations et les Athéniens sont envoyés dans la semaine !!

Happy Halloween from the Croc Team! 
We hope your holiday is filled with tricks, treats, and lots of spooky fun! And to help with the 'spooky fun', we thought we'd make an update that focuses on some of the monsters that will be appearing in the upcoming rulebook -- AND, show off some of the cool artwork that goes along with them!
Let's meet our guide in the realm of the dead... Charon. The realm of the Underworld plays a big part in WarGods of Olympus; after all, it is where all of our brave Hoplites will end up, eventually. Some of the scenarios in the Campaigns chapter actually take place in the Underworld... a place that is easier to enter than it is to leave!
This picture shows Charon, the boatman of the river Styx. Only those who pay a silver coin are permitted to cross the river into the land of the dead. This illustration was made by Des Hanley, just one of dozens of fantastic pictures he has contributed to Olympus. We hope to show off a few more of his pics in the next few months, leading up to the rulebook's release.

Charon, by Des Hanley
Charon, by Des Hanley
Dark in here, isn't it? The Demigod of Hades has a special relationship with the Underworld (after all, his dad runs the place!) and so he has the unique ability to summon the spirits of dead warriors to fight for him in a ghostly legion. And yes, we'll eventually be making miniatures for them too!
This picture features a brave Demigod of Apollo, who has found himself trapped in Hades' midnight realm and surrounded by a nightmarish army of ghostly shades... will light or darkness prevail? This awesome illustration was made by Paul Jeacock, who you may remember as having contributed to the original WarGods of Aegyptus rules. We're pleased to have Paul working on the project, and we hope you will be too!

Light vs. Darkness, by                  Paul Jeacock
Light vs. Darkness, by Paul Jeacock
Half-woman, half-vulture, these foul monsters were created by the gods to torment mankind. They are a part of the Titan faction, following the Titan horde like birds of carrion, feeding on the dead and the dying that that the giant monsters leave in their wake. They are particularly useful when the Titans face-off against archers, as the Harpies can quickly intercept and incapacitate these troublesome enemies, covering one of the Titans' greatest weaknesses - their vulnerability to missile fire.
In this picture, a band of Athenians have entered an ancient ruin, a place forsaken by men and cursed by the gods - there, they are ambushed by a flock of cackling Harpies, thirsty for the blood of men! This illustration was made by John Wigley, who Croc fans will recognize his many contributions to the Wendigo Warband Guide. John has been hard at work of Olympus, and this is just one of dozens of exciting new illustrations that he's made for the book.

Harpies Attack, by John                  Wigley
Harpies Attack, by John Wigley
Athens Shipping Update!
One final bit of news for this month - the production and packing for the Athenian miniatures is finished, and we are preparing to ship these miniatures to Athens backers this week.  If you are an Athens backer we'll be sending you a shipping address confirmation email in the next few days - if you don't get one this week, just send us an email and we'll get it sorted out for you.
We hope you enjoyed this art sneak-peek, have a great Halloween weekend!
-Chris & Debs

--   Dreadaxe



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