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vendredi 3 juin 2016

Plan de sol 3D de Harry


Harry nous propose de bon plan de sol 3D thématique Égypte fantastique

So you might have seen these bumping around e-bay.

They are cheap, nasty plastic in completely the wrong scale and with way to much soft detail to go with the 28mm stuff (Although now I have them they will certainly see action in my bargain Tomb Kings army.)
Whilst I would not have bought them individually I saw a guy selling a whole bag of these cheap enough it made me think what I might do with them. Now if I had not beem in the middle of this project I would have drawn a blank but as it was .... I came up with this .....

I melted them into a wall.

So they can be the backdrop to a room. And yes I do have extras so that I can make based versions of these for when they 'come alive'. :twisted:

Or how about flanking a narrow corridor?
That should get the adventurers wishing they had brought a change of pants.

A couple more rooms ... one for the sphynx ... who knows what monstrosities will come appear in this room ... then my hall of warriors then the treasure room .... Tomb Kings section done! These could be stacked with doors in the ceilings for that real pyramid feel. You would have to climb the sphynx to get through the trapdoor ...etc...

Started to paint the Tomb kings sections ...

Got a couple of hours last night to finish off all the Tomb Kings section ....

Here are the rooms done. (lines and final dry brush)

Here is the Sphynx room ..... you just know something nasty is coming out of the big hole ... :shock:

.... and here are the walls done:

Here it is together:

Just for fun ....

Stacked up like a pyramid:

Finally .... I have the cliffs for the regular dungeon ... so I have this .... repaired it again .... it has been bust and repaired so many times it is starting to look like an ancient ruin ... but a few squares and it will do the trick.


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