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vendredi 3 juin 2016

Re: Sauroth


Archive des règles maisons du Sauroth de Mirdhynn

Références dans le livre de règles

Page 84
Not all of the Asar took up residence with the other races. Too proud to beg for shelter, too angered by the treachery that allowed Osiris to be killed, they remained in the desert aloof from the other Children of the Gods. Divided into small tribes, they wander from oasis to oasis, waiting for a sign that their self-imposed exile is over. Their city destroyed by Set, they have made a home in the harsh desert, where, ironically, only the Children of Set were able to survive before. Mounted on lean horses, they trek across the desert, all their worldly belongings bundled behind their saddles. Those unable to ride travel in howdahs on the backs of shaggy, four-legged behemoths called sauroths. The nomadic Asar are called many things by the other races—the Desert-Dwellers, the People of the Sands, the Mourners—but they call themselves the Dispossessed.

Page 183
There they are captured and raised for their great strength and stamina, surpassed only by the massive desert sauroths. However, where the sauroths are as stupid as they are large, elephants possess a unique intelligence—they can be taught complex instructions by the Beast-Masters, and have proven themselves to be a formidable force on the battlefield.

Page 190
They are taught the behaviors and weaknesses of all desert-dwelling beasts, even the giant scorpions and the massive sauroth, for all that dwell in their god's domain are considered prey.


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