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jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Char et livre de règles


Des photos du char standard olympus.
Les 100 pouvoirs des Demi-Dieux sont créés, une campagne de relecture et tests va être lancée

Posted: Sunday, Nov 13, 2016 at 8:54 AM — Edited on 2016-11-13 08:55:16.0
Here are some better pics of 2 of the chariots, now in metal and assembled. Now that I've put a couple of these together, I think my original plan of making the horses designed with tabs for the slotted bases was a bad idea - they horses end up on a higher level than the cart, and it is very fussy to assemble. I think the next horses I do may be redesigned on low-profile integral bases, that taper to a thin edge - which should be easy to just glue to a slotta. Here are those pics: Generic Chariot
Trojan Chariot

Stu, I'm very hopeful we'll have the Corinthians to our backers by CanCon (late January). We're just waiting on the molds to get completed so I can cast them, fingers crossed everything comes out OK.
I know you guys are eager for the book, I've been working long hours on the final rules additions (100 demigod powers are at last complete!) and I've also enlisted a couple forum members to help with the editing a proofreading. I'll make some of these sections available to any backers who want to help with the proofing and playtesting sometime next week. To go along with this, I'll start another thread on the forum dedicated to rules comments so we can keep this one about the miniatures.
Thanks everyone!


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