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jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Kickstarter - Les derniers Corinthiens


Les derniers Corinthiens. Bien bon.

Posted: Saturday, Oct 22, 2016 at 7:32 AM — Edited on 2016-10-22 07:33:54.0
Hey guys, Lots and lots of sculpting has been going on the last few weeks - all the Corinth models are done, and their masters have been cast and cleaned - I'm handing off all the masters to our moldmakers on Monday, along with the latest batch of greens. Check them out here:

You'll notice there are a couple Corinth models included here, their castings did not turn out well, so I repaired them and we're going to make a new set masters. It's a pain, but a necessary one to have the best models in the end! As soon as we get the mold back they'll go into production, and the book will follow after the Corinth wave.
Sculpting on the Mycenean Chariot now comes to a close, as we now have a complete cart, crew, and horses! I'll get an assembled photo once I get the driver back (in the pic above). Hopefully you guys will like the end result!
The sculpting for the "Gates of Troy" release is also underway - now finished are the Trojan chariot hero in heavy armor (in the photo above), the War Altar Priest and litter bearer, and the Trojan Temple Guard pose 1 (for the Seer.) My arm has healed up to the point that I can now work without problems - it's still tingly in the fingertips, and will likely never be back to 100%, but at least I'm back in the game.
I know we're way behind on this stuff, and I'm 'burning the midnight oil' to get it all done. I've been trying to complete all of the sculpting before the year is out - there are now less than 20 miniatures to complete, out of around 150 parts at the beginning of the project. That is huge, the end is in sight and I'm trying to keep up the steam in the last few months. Obviously we won't have metal copies of all of these by then, it'll take some more time to get them all cast - but finished greens will be a huge part of the journey complete.
Thanks for all the support guys, the first part of this year was very depressing and worrying, and I really appreciate all the encouragement.
More sculpts to come in the days ahead - there are a bunch more on the table now, coming together as fast as I can squish them into shape.
Trojan Temple Guard, for the Seer - first of 2 poses:
Trojan Priest, which comes with the War Altar:


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