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dimanche 8 octobre 2017

Autel de Guerre Troyen


Posted: Wednesday, Jul 05, 2017 at 4:28 AM — Edited on 2017-07-05 04:47:17.0
I've also finished the last bit for the Troy War Altar. What I have made is a small shrine, that contains a tiny statue of Athena. It could also be used with any of the other war altars for a Demigoddess of Athena. (We only have a Spartan altar at the moment, but if sales are good we may make the other factions.)
The little statue of Athena inside is meant to be the Palladium. For those who are not familiar with the legends surrounding Troy, it basically goes like this - Zeus was fond of the Trojans, and so he commanded Athena to give them a sacred statue of herself (or sometimes it is said he threw it down from Olympus himself.) So long as the statue remained within the walls of Troy, the city would not fall. During the Trojan war, pesky Odysseus and is buddy Diomedes infiltrated the city and stole the statue, thus opening the way for the city's eventual defeat. Later legends say that it was then carried away by Aeneas as he escaped from the burning city, and he and the remaining Trojans carried it with them until they finally founded the city that would eventually become Rome. I've always loved the story, and so it was fun to sculpt it! It is a bit like an ancient-greek 'ark of the covenant' as shown in the Indiana Jones movies.
Here's a photo from an ancient vase, showing Diomedes stealing the Palladium - it is meant to be small!
Palladium vase
And so without further ado, I give you... the Palladium! :D
Trojan War Altar
The shrine looks a little funny, as it is made with several different types of putty and plasticard - that's why it has all the different colors. The cast part should look better, all in one color.
It is likely that this element will have to be made in resin, as the Beesputty structure probably could not handle vulcanization.
Here's a closer view, so you can just see the little Athena inside the shrine:
The Palladium




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