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mardi 21 novembre 2017

Dernière sculpture du Kickstarter


Cette bien belle hydre vient terminer les sculptures du Kickstarter !! Hourra !!!

Posted: Friday, Oct 13, 2017 at 9:05 AM — Edited on 2017-10-13 09:15:41.0 The second labor of Hercules is complete - the Hydra is defeated!
This was quite a departure for me, as I don't typically sculpt a lot of 'monsters'. It went smoothly at first, I sculpted the body (the grey parts) in Beesputty, a type of sculpting clay that is better for doing large, smooth objects, but then started to have a lot of trouble with the finished parts cracking, especially along the necks. So the last week was spent fixing my mistakes, and making a suitable base for it to sit on.
The base will have some additional details (like some more rocks, maybe a few bones from past victims), but I thought you guys would be eager to see it rather than waiting for the last fiddly bits.
With this one being finished, that is the last of all the funded Kickstarter minis. I may yet have a couple Amazon parts to correct for molding, but all the sculpts are now in the bag!
Hydra 1
Hydra 2
Hydra 3
Hydra 4
Hydra 5
Hydra 6


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