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vendredi 10 février 2012

Croc Update for 2012

Un message que je n'avais pas vu sur le forum officielle. Chris s'explique sur le triste bilan 2011 et ne rassure pas les gens sur la suite. Notamment, le magnifique livre Wendigo ne c'est pas bien vendu et je vous invite à vous le procurer, ça reste un ouvrage indispensable dans n'importe quelle bibliothèque
Enfin dans tous les cas jouer à WarGods même sans nouveauté c'est toujours possible et je continuerai à vous proposer de la proxy.
Si des gens veulent s'exprimer sur WarGods_Fr pas de soucis pour en parler. L'annonce complète de Croc se trouve ici :
Hey All,
I'm sure you all have noticed a slowdown in releases this past year... some of the guys have asked me post an update explaining what's going on. After all, you guys are what this is all about, and I sincerely appreciate everyone's interest and devotion to WarGods. So here we go... this is not all good news, so I'll just lay it out.
2011 was a rough year for the Croc due to a combination of several things -- the high cost of printing the Wendigo book, the high cost of production costs on the Mycenaeans (our biggest release ever in terms of molding/production costs), slowing sales, and a big debt to the IRS for a botched tax year, Croc Games has been seriously low on capital for the last 12 months. I began a 'spending freeze' during last summer, with no new spending on projects (miniatures, art, moldmaking) until the majority of Croc Games' debt is paid down. I've been making steady progress, but there is still a long way to go before the Croc is healthy again and capable of putting out new minis on a regular basis.
Now that 2012 has started, it is clear that if the Croc is to make it through this year, some things are going to need to be cut. Several of our conventions are a large expenses, and so we unfortunately will not be attending Salute or GenCon this year, though we will try and organize some WarGods events at these and other shows and provide prize support for players organizing them. There will also be no World Campaign this year; despite the best efforts of myself and our organizers and volunteers, we've had steadily declining participation the last 3 years, and it doesn't make sense to invest the time and expense for a handful of players when that effort could be used toward something with wider appeal. I'm open to other ideas, and perhaps a player-organized event could be set up if there is interest.
My wife Debs now has a full-time job outside of the games business, so it is now just me holding down the fort. I'm packing and shipping all the orders, etc, and in between all this trying to find the time to do a bit of creative work - like writing and miniature design. It is not an easy juggling act to pull off, and I've clearly dropped a few balls, notably Croc Tales 7. The last few months have been especially frustrating, with a number of discouraging and expensive setbacks both professionally and personally, and so I took the holidays off for the sake of my sanity.
So there we are. The holidays are over, all existing orders have now been shipped, and this weekend I'll be getting back to the unfinished tasks at hand. First is completing Croc Tales 7, followed by some other 'free' web-based projects that won't require a big outlay of cash, and will hopefully keep things going until we can get out of the red and back into the black. We do have some great new miniatures waiting in the wings, and as soon as we can get caught up on our production costs we can get these out of here and onto your gaming tables.
Thanks in advance for everyone's patience with me for just a little while longer. I'll be making regular progress reports here on the forum, to keep everyone a little more 'in the loop' on where we are with all this.

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