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mardi 20 septembre 2016

Chars Corinthiens et Mycéniens


Comme d'habitude sur le cul

Posted: Friday, Sep 02, 2016 at 1:28 PM — Edited on 2016-09-02 13:34:42.0
Hey gang,
Sorry for the dry spell on the updates, I've been locked away in the sculpting room, trying to get a dozen minis finished. Here's a few to show off...
I mentioned a while back I had started on some horses - because I have to sculpt Chariots, Cavalry, and even Centaurs eventually, the horses had to be done early. Equestrian models are always very time-intensive (as you are basically sculpting 2 models instead of one) so it helped to have some completed horses to work from. While the horses were at the moldmaker, I got busy working on some parts for the upcoming chariots.
First up is the Trojan Chariot - this is basically finished, but it did not want to stay assembled so I just took a photo of the new elements without the base and wheels. There will also be another alternate front-plate, with a slightly different design.
Trojan Chariot
Second is the Mycenaean Chariot, this one is sort of a 'royal' chariot suitable for Aggamemnon or a Demigod or Hero, with the lion-gate emblem of Mycenae emblazoned on the front. I may also add some flags or tassels along the rail, similar to the Trojan Chariot. This one also shows the completed horse team pulling it - these horses will be used for all of the other chariots as well, with possibly some minor decorative changes on the Trojan variations.
Mycenaean Chariot 1
Last is the alternate Mycenaean Chariot, more of a basic warrior's model. This one was sculpted by Jeff Wilhelm a few years ago, and I just added the green wicker elements.
Mycenaean Chariot 2
The last of the Corinth models is finished now too, currently in the cooker - the swordsmen, Herald, and the last pose of the Honor Guard. I'll post some pics in the morning of these guys!


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