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jeudi 22 septembre 2016

Les derniers Corinthiens


Les derniers Corinthiens !! Fabuleux !

Posted: Saturday, Sep 03, 2016 at 1:38 PM
The last of the Corinth models - now complete! These still need to be molded, I'll be dropping them off to get their master molds made this week.
Swordsmen, these use the same bodies as the front-rank hoplites, with sword arms instead of spears:
Corinth Swordsmen
And the pair of Honor Guards - these guys are big bruisers, they stand a bit taller than the average warrior model.
Corinth Honor Guards
Last, the command models - the Herald and Musician. I need to get a photo of the backs of them, their cloaks look tame from this angle, but they actually look bit more dramatic from the rear, with long, flowing lines. Here's a front pic:
Corinth Command
Hope you guys like these! It took a while to get back on the sculpting horse, but things are going pretty smoothly now (knock on wood!)


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